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RE: Giving Back: Nepal - Four Worthwhile Causes to Support

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have never support any causes in nepal, yet, though I read so many friends of mine going to Nepal to learn about peace building or supporting peace program, there must be so many interesting causes there beside "Himalaya". found your post through @eoj on the pay it forward contest this week, I was going to your old post and unable to vote, so here I am. thanks for sharing.


Great! Terima kasih banyak, I appreciate the support, especially for a post that's trying to raise awareness for some great projects in Nepal. And I should also thank @rentmoney and @pifc for sending so many people my way! I hope all is well in Aceh. Saya tingal disana untuk satu tahun after the tsunami dan cinta Indonesia dan Aceh banyak! Sampai jumpa lagi bu and thanks again for stopping by with the kind words!

Whooaa @eoj 😉 senang sekali membaca komentar berbahasa Indonesia 😉 I've been away from Aceh in the last two years but still keep in touch with my friends and family there, hope that all your charity support projects will draw people to pay it forward on it.

makasih! :) Thank you for the support! Where have you been for the last two years?

Following my husband to his place in South Tangerang, Banten, retired from all public activities and enjoy my daily life as our small shop manager.