the first donations in litecoin are incoming

in charity •  last year

Wow - thank you for the first donations! maybe we can get to 10 LTC end of the week :).



if you don`t have litecoin or if you like to hodl them (good choice ;) ) - simply upvote this posting :).

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nice sir and i wish for this to get more 10 for this project

awesome it make also good

congratulations sir for this to get first donation

so excited hope it go on high in some days


10 LTC would be a really nice amount to gain within a week.


we need to set goals, let us see if this happens :). more and more followers and votes would also be amazing.

why not ask charly lee on twitter...
hope he likes it :-)




thank you :))


phoxonomy Michael Bright tweeted @ 16 Aug 2017 - 19:18 UTC

if only the great @SatoshiLite could take a look at this great project hosted by @alexpfeiffer… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I do not have litecoin, but I like the idea, and so I raised this message


simply help us giving us upvotes on our postings and I am more than happy. you can also try and give some of your free amps to our explaination video - link posted in the text.