? Oh What to Do...?

Less than a day ago, I made a post here, after being away from the platform for about one year. It was just a check to see how things would go in the rewards department, particularly with SBD of which I acquired when I was active on Steemit.

It worked out well enough, considering the current low price of our coin being traded at Exchanges, presently.

I managed to receive 0.44 just from accumulated SBD, without any up-votes (so far) from any users/members. After the 50% split, that will leave me 0.22 which results in a potential payout of perhaps one and a half Steem or SP.

My dilemma is in, HOW to proceed NOT expecting much attention to my posts in the future, since all my old friends have left the platform and the few that visit here and there, don't have much VP left in their accounts to make the place more worthwhile.

Yet, there may be an opportunity for me to earn enough income to 'DONATE' to a charitable cause? Maybe an 'Animal Rescue Group' or 'Children' services organization?

I don't know? I'll figure it out.

Maybe a 'CAT' charity of some sort...??? It's not that I don't like other animals. I just don't like 'adult people' much; most of my fellow humankind - suck...!!! At least, after they reach a certain age. Even the ones who 'want' to do something really, really GOOD for the world usually give up trying, if they ever even begin.

Oh well. I'm not sweating over it anymore. It IS what it IS - you know?

Take care.

Maybe I'll be back writing here again soon, since I gave the account away three times and nobody I gave it to did anything with it. Why let it go to waste, right? I've been busy with another account (main account) on another platform. The account still lives here on Steemit though and I post there once in awhile in stages...

Maybe I'll do the same thing here, or just transfer the balance?

@Averageoutsider Jan. 5, 2021

Pic. Credit - Pixabay.com

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