Army Of Green Men - Epic Cut - THE VIDEO

in #charity5 years ago

We are proud to share this video of some of our most EPIC pictures!

Our mission at Army of Green Men is to make noise for individuals in need of attention through the creation of exciting images by by our internet followers.  We have over been a part of the creation of over:

6,000 images for #QuaidsARMY, raising awareness for Quaid Mobus and spinal cord injury!

100 images of #CaidenAndKayliesPrincess raising awareness for premature child birth!

1,000 images of AshersARMY raising awareness for Downs Syndrome!

We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our labor - with the hope that our images will lead to the monetization required to buy an off road trac wheel chair to #GetQuaidBackIntoTheWoods and to help him lead a more normal life after becoming a quadriplegic 3 years ago.

So turn the sound up and enjoy!

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