Introduction To BCharity

in charity •  7 months ago

As humans we all have our soft spot, even though some are so tough that, their softness or the humane in them is almost invisible.

There is something that makes even the toughest shed secret tears. Some in their closet will ask what can i do to remedy this situation? Others choose to look the other way.

The case is different for Bcharity, a group of people with hearts and conscience looks around for how to solve the many problems humanity has been plagued with.

The answer? Bcharity!

The good news is that this help can come from anywhere in the world. (Isn't that awesome?)

Its like dialling a number in time of need and having attention, help from many sources. Isn't that how life should be?

To avoid chaos, to organise this and make it orderly, the decision is that only registered organisations can access this help. Off, course every thing that involves humans need to be properly handled to ensure accountability and continuity.
Otherwise the project will be a mess, registration isn't all there is to be made available. There are documents to back up the registration claim that should be provided as well.

It is only after due process of verification with requested documents being made available will an applicant be worthy of the Bcharity donation.

For me this is perfect, and bringing it to the blockchain? Is more than perfect because the blockchain technology is taking the world by storm.

Let's embrace the Bcharity project with open hands it is a well thought out project, with good terms and condition that will favour all.

bcharity.jpeg Follow the internal currency utility token.

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