RE: Santa & Piotr Visits Venezuela - JOIN OUR VENTURE TODAY

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Santa & Piotr Visits Venezuela - JOIN OUR VENTURE TODAY

in charity •  4 months ago

Hello Piotr! Sorry that I haven't replied to your posts lately. I haven't given up on Steemit, just was a little bit busy.
I think that your fundraising event is an excellent idea. I will transfer all of my Steem savings (just 43 steem, unfortunately) to you, because I believe that all of that money will go to a good cause. Hope that more people will join.

All the best, Alex

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Oh! You are extremely noble. You have run out of steem. You transferred absolutely everything to us.
God must greatly reward your actions.

Eternally Thank you.

Dear @alexanderrigov

I hope your busy was a "good busy" :)

Thank you for your kind comment. I totally appreciate your support and warm words.

Enjoy your NY celebrations! :)