18 Ways to Improve Your Body Language

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Body language: These movements are performed by some individuals using hands, facial expressions or voice tones, so that the information is better understood. First, to change the body language you should be aware of your body language. Notice how you sit, how you stand, how you use your hands and legs, and what to do when someone talks to you.

You may want to practice it in front of the mirror. It may seem silly, but let's see the bright side, no one is watching you. This method gives you a natural reaction to how others perceive you and also a chance to practice a bit before going out into the world.

Another way is to close your eyes and imagine how you will stand and sit with confidence and openness without effort or if you want to talk to others.

You may also want to monitor what your friends, or your voices, or movie stars or other people think you have that good body language.

Here are some tips that may help you improve your body language.

            1. Do not close your arms or legs around yourself

Make you look in a self-defense mode or you are an introverted person. Keep your arms open and your legs, adjacent to the women and slightly apart for men.

            2 - Keep your eyes connected with the person you talk to, but do not make it reach the stage of staring at what is known as eye contact

If there are many people you talk to, give them some looks to create a better communication language and see if they are listening to you or not. Long-term consideration creates a kind of tension and dread in the eye of the listener, and the lack of communication between you and them may make you look like you are afraid or do not trust yourself as you speak. You may feel a little difficult at the beginning of using this method, but you should continue to get used to it.

              3. Do not be afraid to take your distance

For example: sitting or standing and legs with a small distance helps you to feel comfortable and indicates your confidence.

                  4. Keep your shoulders relaxed

The tension easily moves to your shoulders. Try to ease the tension by shaking your shoulders slightly.

             5. Share them with a nod when they talk

One gesture from time to time indicates that you were listening to them, but do not exaggerate like woodpecker.

                 6 - Do not relax in your sitting

Try sitting straight and in a comfortable way as well.

                  7. Bend forward, but not much

If you want to show that you are interested in what the person in front of you says, make your upper half toward him.

                 8. Smile clearly

Do not be seriously all the time. Smile when someone says something funny. Smile when you meet someone but do not make the smile permanent on your face, because you will show that you are a liar.

                 9. Do not touch your face

This behavior makes you look nervous and can be a distraction to others.

               10. Raise your head

Do not keep your eyes looking at the ground, it makes you look like you have a lack of confidence. Keep your head and your eyes in a straight way for the person who is speaking to you.

              11. Slow down slightly

Slow down in your walk. This makes you look calmer and confident. If someone is addressing you, do not turn your head towards him as quickly as if you were afraid of him.

               12. Try not to get bored

Get rid of any nervous movement such as: shaking your leg or tapping your fingers on the table quickly or messing around with anything. This behavior makes you look nervous and tired of talking as it distracts thinking.

                13. Try to use your hands with greater confidence

Use it to clarify or communicate what you say more clearly.

                14. Reduce the cup of drink

Do not carry the cup in front of you all the time. In fact, do not carry anything in front of your heart because it makes you look like you're putting a barrier between you and the one you're talking about. Lift the cup when you drink and then put it back on the table.

                15 - Pay attention to your back when sitting

Sit or stand with a straight back in a good position.

              16- Do not stand too close

Leave a personal space in front of you, and do not try to penetrate it.

              17. Be like a mirror

Often when you are compatible with someone, and you are in good communication; you begin to imitate each other unconsciously, as if you are looking at me as a mirror. This means that you are a mirror of the language of the other person's body; you may lean forward if you move forward. Do not reflect every change he does, because this will seem strange and uncomfortable to the other party when he talks to you.

             18. Keep me positive in your conversation.

Try to leave a positive impact on you.


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Good advice. It's easy to fall into habits like clenching your fists all the time - something I am now aware of, and I have to make a conscious effort to relax my hands. Because it's not just about how others see you - some of these bad habits, e.g. posture, can affect you physically long-term, too.