Positive Characters

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There is always a character in the series; slightly detached, cute and generally positive. This is usually due to the positive part of the subject. Cute part of the cheerfulness of the environment as a result of cheerfulness.

Being detained is preventing automatic response, and this auto-understanding can change the entire scenario.

For example, your friend came and told that he was volunteering for the bog drying project for the next year. Come on, let's be a smart one.

You're out of your mind; You have a good job, you've been studying for that year, no, you don't think you'll be happy when you do that; Don't forget you're gonna take yourself to where you're going. These are the faces that we're going through.

You know, you're pulling into it. So, what are you going to do against the risk of withdrawal? There is also a contamination situation. Is it really sticky or mud? There are so many things to think about.

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