Overcoming Laziness

in character •  14 days ago


Being idle or being in a state of idleness is somewhat tagged as laziness. Laziness doesn't define is, it's just an irresponsible habit we developed. Don't misunderstand this for resting, we rest after a hectic task or job; but being lazy implies that we rest at all time knowing fully well we have shitloads of tasks at hand.

Being lazy isn't an issue, it only becomes an issue when we tag ourselves as a lazy person. This sentence alone is where the whole issue ignites from.

Quick question: Someone who doesn't engage in anything is a Lazy person. Permit me to say this but they are entirely useless and ineffective. Asa teenager I usually go to the market with my mom just so i could assist her and at the same time earn some incentives for myself also.

Laziness won't and will never breed and outstanding results, constant hard work and determination does.

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