📈everything is always chaos. enjoy it. 📈

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i drew up some motivation for a friend this morning...

it's true you know. you are a gift to the world -- and you can manifest that reality at any moment. All you have to do is do anything good.

everything is always chaos.JPG
p.s. does anybody know how i can make these images not turn sideways?? the image file is vertical but steemit keeps rotating everything to the side -_-

go outside if you live in a densely populated area, a city or thriving suburb -- and simply pick up trash for ten minutes.

invite a friend out for coffee who you know is having a bad day. buy the coffee.

scroll through steemit.com and leave a few comments on posts that have no votes/comments yet. you could make somebody's day with one reply. after all, how many times have you been excited to see a new follower or commenter on a post of yours?

we don't have to be a big strong superhero to save the world. we can just focus on doing one more nice thing.

i've been thinking a lot about how we communicate love and kindness to each other after reading a book called "The Five Love Languages (Singles Edition) by Gary Chapman. -- I think I want to do a full post reviewing it, so I won't talk too much here. but it's amazing to learn new ways to communicate love -- how many different ways can you say "I love you?"

That's an amazing question. We'll talk about it in our next segment. For now,

how do you find joy or peace in chaotic situations? when life gets crazy, what brings you back to your "happy place"?


this is so true :D we can all do a little thing or two to make someone's day better :) it isn't magic, we just have to care and realize that we all have the powers in our hands :D

the drawing is so charming, too <3 i love this post, @heymattsokol! :D :D :D

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