This is what real life is like: Episode #1

You 'member that one time you thought it'd be a good idea,

to come out of retirement, get outta the house, maybe spread your wings a little?

You may have been wrong. Hasty. Maybe a little panicked (cause that electricity bill ain't gonna pay itself)?

The stories in this series are 100% true.
They may sound sad, but if I could cast some actors, and get a laugh track, it'd be a hit sitcom in 6 months time. No doubt.

Episodes to follow...


Well,actually retirement isn't bad.This is what happened in my life.About six months ago I quit my job and decided to live relaxed life.Now I am happy even though I don't earn anymore.

"We are not just born to pay our bills and die."

It is what I believe in but if I also have to admit that the same thing may not happen to everyone's life.So as you have said,it is better to build a financial security before taking the decision to retire.

Otherwise,you are going to regret big time.

Sorry, my upvote ain't worth a penny.
But, yeah, just up and quitting my job would be fatal.
Even though is the case that I have to go cater to these ungrateful little turds, whose Daddy gifted them upon graduating high school with a car that is worth more than my house appraisal, (and whose mom, I know for a fact is like..." Oh thank you, Jesus! Johnny is finally getting out of my house!")
And if any of these kids cross me today, they're gonna find me at their table, having a "sit your ass down, and listen!" conversation. (Grabs a to go bowl of cereal, and scatters).
Cuz, I'm just tired of being "Mr. Nice Guy".
It's time (overdue) for real talk!

My dear,you upvote means the most to me.It is not always about money.It is just the way we feel about the others.Life sometimes can't be a bit rough but if you know how to enjoy it,then you will get through it.

Sir.. the fact that you respond is my currency. I really couldn't give a damn about money (though, I could use a bag full of it...)
It's just--- dialogue I desire.
Thank you for commenting.

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