A day off.

Thank you, dear Lord, for everything.
The new job.
The wonderful Steemians donations, while I was unable to make ends meet for the month of August.
The words of strength that were provided.
The BFF that has NEVER given up on me.

And, thank you Lord for this....
A day off.

The aching in my muscles, the blisters on my feet, the callouses on my fingers...
I really needed and appreciate this-- my day off.

The Hot Dog Incident

That's a really funny/not funny story I'll post in a bit. I'm doing this post from my phone, and adding pics and formatting is kinda over my head on mobile. So, I'll wait until I can get my laptop fired up, (with the external monitor), and tell y'all all about that..

I just wanted to stop by, and tell y'all that I love y'all.


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"The hotdog incident" sounds very interesting, I'm looking forwards to that. Sorry I didn't hear about your plight earlier, but its good to hear you have found a resolution. Best wishes and good luck for the future.