The Divine/God Within

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Hello lovely souls.

I decided to write you this letter of love and expression of thoughts and channellings flowing through me this instant.

I’m constantly channelling divine energies and interacting with them.

The world seems chaotic.

Rumours of wars.


Political wars.

Fires and other disasters.

All these things may seem overwhelming.
But do not fall into the game of energy loss.
When you emotionally get involved with these things you lose your precious energy.
So turn off your TVs and disconnect.
Go within yourself spend more time praying and meditating for the world for humanity.
Request healing and stand in your power.

Know this.

What are you?

Your eternal spirit of God in a human body.

So do not fall into fear into the chaos.

Yes do what you can to help out others in need but do not let yourself be emotionally drained by the chaos playing out in the world this instant.

Channel your god force into lifting yourself and this planet up.

The good news is this.

Humanity is waking up.

Let us embrace the coming Age of Enlightenment.

When man realizes he has a soul.

The soul is the light of the body.

The soul is god source energy flowing through your veins through the human body.

‪Cast yourself into your divinity.
‪Cast your eyes upon your soul.
‪Cast your heart upon love.
‪Cast your thoughts upon goodness.
‪Cast out your fears and anger.
‪Cast out your insecurities.
‪Cast out hatred and judgements.

‪Know this.

‪Thou has the power of the elements, of the winds, rains, suns, moons and waters.

‪Pulsing through your veins.

‪Powerful energies flow.

Ever eternal energies of creation.

Oh humanity.

You who search for god.

Knowing not that the ancient of ancients is thee.

The power above all powers.

The god above all gods.

Is within thee.

Understand this.

Thou art power and divinity in a human body.

Thou art far from powerless.

This life is but a breath and thy soul is god.

Eternal god.

Stop looking for aliens, angels and for god in religions and books.

Look for the eternal god above all.

The one that will save you and humanity.

It will save this earth.

It’s within you.

An energy, an eternal force that has power over all the elements.

A force that tells the oceans to calm and they listen.

It tells the volcanoes to cease their anger and thus they do obey.

It restores life and heals it makes all whole again.

It is what we must find.

It is the answer to all.

God within us.

Understand this.

Your powerful.

You must channel the inner god source energy within.

To calm the volcanos.

To heal the oceans.

To restore this planet.

To heal all disease.

To channel higher energies back to this planet.

The divine has faith in you.

As for me.

After all this time and beyond time.

The divine holds the highest place in my life and heart.

Blessings to each one of you.

Rise into your power embrace god within.

Seek the true divine.

Turn your back on the false gods of this world.

Oh humanity.

Without knowing it..

You have worshipped many false gods.

Gods that left you with nothing.

Gods that destroyed you.

Gods that took from you.

Gods that killed you.

Gods that weakened you and left you lost.

Gods that were empty and powerless.

These gods have many names.

Here are a few…




Worldly power.


Your elite leaders.




To worship is to focus or want or support.

This aligns your energy with these things.

Which is a form of worship.

These gods they only deliver decay and death.

They deter you from the true divine.

The soul.

God within you.

Return to the true god within.

The god above all gods.

The god that brings healing and restoration.

Love and wholeness.

This world is in a state of chaos.

It needs us to reconnect to ours to the divine within us.

And channel that energy into healing into those who are struggling into this planet.

We have the power to heal all.

Coursing through our veins.

Let us know this and understand this.



Religious people wait for a rapture for the return of god.

God never left us.

God has always been with us.

Within us

The soul is god source energy in a body.

It is us that must return to god within.

Until next time.

These are my wishes for each one of you.

I hope you dance.
I hope you smile.
I hope your happy.
I hope you heal.
I hope your healed.
I hope you love.
I hope your loved.
I hope you shine.
I hope you overcome.
I hope you me successful.
I hope you have good friends.
I hope you laugh.
I hope you feel whole.
I hope you live life to the fullest.
I hope you explore new things.
I hope you grow and evolve.
I hope you know your divine.
I hope you know your beautiful.
I hope you embrace yourself.
I hope you believe in magic.

I hope you believe in yourself.

I wish upon you.

Blessings and goodness.

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