I like sex- Yes Even at 80!!!

This might shock you but I like sex- Yes Even at 80!!! 

just because I am old does not mean I stopped functioning below the waist. You might not want to read this bit, but you should. 

I am hoping by the time you reach my age the world we be a little more enlightened. A whole lot more accepting of ageing and in time the aged are given their deserved respect as it is sorely lacking at the moment.

I like sex- Yes Even at 80!!! 

Now back to the subject at hand SEX.   Yes as I said earlier, the oldies are getting it on too.

If you don’t believe me check out this article here. Yes that’s right sex is not just for the young and beautiful. 

Many young people find it disgusting that people in their late seventies and eighties are having sex, Why? 

Sex is a thing of the mind, this is the biggest sexual organ and if your mind feels it your body will too. 

Old age homes are filled with couples exercising their sexual rights and why not? Yet you are shocked by this. Again there is this wholesale mind set that dictates ‘Sex is reserved for the Young and Able’. 

That’s not true.  All of us want to be loved, held, cared for and also have an orgasm, its natural, its normal. The great thing about ageing is we see others in our own age group as attractive or not, age is not a factor. Therefore between us we can foster for each other wants and needs and these we need to meet as you do.

I know some of the nurses at the care homes have a tough time as two Alzheimer patients shack up. They are confused and don’t know how to handle it. How could they they don’t have Alzheimer brains. There is nothing unlawful in what is going on and in some ways it is quite beautiful.

I like sex- Yes Even at 80!!! 

Love is possible at any age, or is it lust? both are good and extremely healthy. 

David Lee Research Fellow and Manchester University writes ‘People in their Eighties Have Sex- Get Over It’

You may be screaming at me as you read this’Mum shut up’. No I won’t and why not? because it is time to lift the skirt, or pull down the pants on this issue and another barrier to tear down. 

Just because you are old at 80+ does not mean you don’t want sex.  Sex should stop being marketed as purely an exercise for the young and healthy, we all enjoy it. 

I truly hope that by the time you reach my age the world has woken up to the possibilities of ageing and how much it can and should be enjoyed. Not shut away and ignored. 

I think your generation will be different at least I hope so. You Boomers will do exactly what you want, you always have done. Mick Jagger became a father again at the age of 72 and from what I hear he is still touring and grinding. His spirit is very much alive.

Yes its a spark for life that keeps us young and that includes sex, so don’t expect us oldies to have a sense of humour, be kind, take our exercise, eat right, be good and not have great sex. We are human too.

I like sex- Yes Even at 80!!! 

So if what I have said is shocked you then please do yourself a favour and watch ‘Frankie and Grace’, these two great ladies started a business manufacturing vibrators for the older lady. 

I have not done that, but so admire the bravery of this programme.  Love the words”Oh grow up, Older Women Masturbate too”.

Yes shocking for most but like the words say ‘grow up’. It’s time to embrace and celebrate all of life. Not just the young bits.

Boomers you sit on the edge of old age, so get about your business and start changing the mindset of the world. You Senior Marketers wake up, we are not dead, just older than you and older than you ever probably want to be or admit to being.

I like sex- Yes Even at 80!!! 

You will get here one day, so start now and start changing the view point on the aged. 

Don’t marginalise us, dismiss us, ignore us, yes we will probably die soon but next time its your turn.

Change the landscape now and make it better for your future. Start today, yesterday’s attitudes don’t work anymore.

We don’t like them or accept them, you would fight and scream against this treatment. 

It’s up to you. 

The baton is in your hands now.

I love you Darlings

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Great to know! :) I don't think people here would marginalize you


Thanks for the comment, I am speaking out on behalf of 'The Elders' who often feel invisible and disempowered.