Well this is a surprise...

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Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.22.14 PM.png

I just noticed the UI update a few moments ago. I kind of like it, but don't see the feature to filter out resteems that would be so helpful!

Hopefully this means the site's behaviour issues have sorted themselves out as well! No more LAG! It's no good if the site is pretty if it doesn't work!

What do you think?

UPDATE: Nope, still slow. took about 2 minutes to post this, while I stared at the spinning circle of death.


No need to filter the doodle doodledayeo resteems though ;D

It does look all fancy. I had died the same about the lag. Damn, maybe soon

It looks fancy but you can see fewer posts on your monitor at a time. too much white space if you ask me...

It's the same on mobile. All white bits

It is a nice change but still needs a bit of work I think.

Yeah, hopefully it's only the first of many small steps

Yeah, hopefully it's only the first of many small steps

I like it-- it's minimalistic and has a lot of white space, which makes for easier readability, and probably plays well on mobile devices.I'm not sure things are moving any faster, though...

Well it does look spiffy, but still have the 30 second wait for upvotes to go thru.... i guess we will see about this comment...

Transaction error then it goes thru... what the hell... fix it already

It looks like we reddit now :D but ok if the site could run well as you said. Appearance doesn't reflect the inside. Hope they will sort out and make the site better !

As of right now upvoting has been WAY faster for me... We shall see how fast comment loads.... Edit: it took a while lol

Wondering how long will it take to post this meaningless comment.....

Was this playing while you waited? ;-)

I switched from steemit.com to usesteem.com and the performance is much better

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