One photo a day challenge (269/365) all year long

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While on my way to work today, I took this picture.46C77BAB-6FAB-4104-B3AB-7B4C1BCFDF88.jpeg
I like that I drive on one road that takes me straight to work.

So my job is shutting down. They told us like a month or so ago and we tried to speak up against it. The decision is already made and it seems unlikely that it will change.
I have mixed feelings about this situation. On one hand it’s sad to loose a job but on the other hand I think I need a change. I have worked at my current job for 9 years now. The best part about working here is my co workers. I have the best co workers ever . That’s why I stayed here for this long.
My plan is to get a part time job and persue another modality. I have not had the chance to do that due to the constraints/ schedule of a full time job.
I will start with a well deserved vacation in December. I have a prn job in the works and hopefully I’ll get this other one I recently interviewed for.
I’m looking forward to what this change will bring. Wish me luck.

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Best of luck to you @leggy23. Probably a much needed break for you


Thank you. I appreciate all the well wishes. This is an interesting time for me, i'm both nervous and excited.

We have a saying in Russia: Everything that is done is for the better!

everything happens for a reason you will find a new path for sure all the best


Thank you and amen to that.

I really wish you luck. I wish you great openings to better opportunities. Quitting job isnt one of the easiest decisions to make nor losing one's job. However, I am happy that you are well equipped for a better position in the nearest future.


Thanks turpsy I’m looking forward to what’s to come. Had a couple of interviews already and a few offers and I’m looking at what I want to do now.


I am sure, you are going to make the best and right decision.

Best wishes for you leggy. thanks for sharing about your it luck friend.


Thank you.

Very nice photography

Beautiful shot my dear 😘😘

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Waooo,,, lovely scene

Good Jo,,,my friend,,, @leggy23,,,I like your post

What a Beautiful post at this time,,, nice shot

Great your work at this post,, thanks for share