My First Car at Age 30...Powered By - Behold The STEEM MOBILE!

in changedlife •  3 years ago

I'm Proud to Announce the World First Steem Mobile!

For most of my life, I was a hitchhiker. I used my thumb to go to and fro in my home country of Canada. I met some interesting characters along the way and had discussion I may have never had any other ways.

I've been blogging on since the end of May. To be honest, I would have never imagined in my wildest dream that because of this, I would get to purchase my first car without incurring any debts. Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not here to boast or show off. I just want this to be a testimony of what is possible when you put your mind into something and are willing to take risk when you see an opportunity.

I've been praying for a while now that God would bless me with the means to achieve my dream of purchasing my family's property and to build a family that glorify his kingdom. They have been answered in a way that is truly "miraculous".

I can remember copying by hand Gary Halbert's sales letter by hand in order to perfect my copywriting skills. I remember blogging everyday for a whole year without much financial rewards. I remember those time when I despaired for falling short of my goals.

All of this, today, show me that it was worth it.

I now intend to let more people know about steemit and grow the community. I will keep on bringing reports on the development of the steemit facebook page and focus on bringing more and more value to this ecosystem that has given me so much.

Above all, thank you Steemit. I am eternally grateful.

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Talk about a walking Billboard bro! I love what you did here, and it proves that Steemit can power not only your car but your dreams & your life!

King of mind blowing!



he he. this is the best meme I've seen all day. totally captures the magic... :-)

The feels... the FEEELSS!!

Wow. Steemit is REALLY changing lives. Congrats man. You deserve this and so much more

SO COOL! All that hard work for so long . You deserve it.

Continuing the tradition of vinyl cryptocurrency decals on the hood. Love it Renaud. Congratulations on your milestone and keep up the good work!


Bravo. Result as deserved for hard work

A thing of beauty! Much deserved!

This is so awesome because I am from Canada as well and I happen to have the exact same car. I am running a contest for a Steemit decal design so I will show you what I do once its done.

Where did you get the steemit decals made? there cool


@cass helped me out with getting the .ai and a local shop nearby did it for $100 CAD. :-)

Congrats! The Steemit branding on the car looks amazing! Way to raise awareness :)


thanks @scrawl :-)

That's so amazing to see an idea manifesting into big physical changes - the ripple on effects of this a marketing tool could be huge :)
Congrats on the new beasty, lets hope this just keeps growing!

Wow this is awesome you deserve it Cryptoctopus will all the work youve been doing to spread the word. Keep up the good fight. P.S love the decals :)

That is boss level man! But what are you going to do when you have to spend all day explaining to people what Steemit is instead of Steeming? Heheheheh, joking man! Great job!


lmao. I would love to be doing that. :-)


I feel ya! It is hard not to tell everyone we know. It is a super exciting time we are living right now!

AWESOME POST! @cryptoctopus was this car fully bought with money earned from steem, or did it help pay off a portion?


All of it with earnings fron Steem. 😀


AH GOSH, you beat me to it! Haha, it's all good mate :) I got pointed to look into your profile more as I was trying to find if anybody actually tried to do this (all I found were little scam posts or whatever), but it's a good thing to strive for nonetheless! Oh well, I'll be #2 to do it, still good publicity for steem ;)

one of the success people.. (y)

I have 2 loans for $ 3,500
and I was already worried collectors
but I live in Ukraine, and we have a war and not have a job with a good salary
so I can not pay
and now I'm on steemit
what should I do?
(shoot myself not to offer - it's bad for my health)


Create posts where you show and tell us about what life is like in Ukraine. I promise you it will get upvotes. If you notify me via slack when you post I will give you an upvote ... assuming you put work into the post. I just looked at your posts and all of them could have been written by anyone, anywhere. You are in a war-torn nation. That is NOT something anyone else can write about. That's an ASSET you have that no one else has. It is obviously tragic, but better to profit off of tragedy than nothing.


words of wisdom, right there. straight & direct answer to the question asked.

now just need to go DO IT... :-)


That the best tips I can give you. Good luck brother, you can do it.


thanks @pictorians !


you are joking...right?


For a lot of us, Steemit has been about nothing but numbers. It's really something to see it manifested as a real-world development in someone's life.

Looks great! Can't wait to see how many more lives this will change!

You worked hard and now your reaping your rewards , well done. This is exactly the type of article that will bring the masses flocking in there millions to this site. Nicely done.

Congratulations! Well done on your achievements and cool branding :)

This kind of stories make me a believer in crypto and in steem.
glad you can now build your life octupus.

That is amazing and very inspirational! I hope to one day achieve that same goal. To bad I just didn't find this website early, or have an amazing life to make some steem with. lol I'm just your lowly everyday joe that is unseen in the background.

You are an inspiration!

Success. :-)

Heck ya! I love the hood and bumper representing! Way to be awesome @cryptoctopus!

This is a very awesome and totally deserved fruit of your labor; congrats!

Hey @cryptoctopus just wondering what happens with taxes associated? I know technically anything you make money off or get not working you're supposed to pay capital gain or income tax, but what about this purchase? Since you bought the car and paid taxes on it, do you need to report the income from how it was paid for or does it cancel out because you already paid tax on the vehicle?

Awesome job @cryptoctopus good to see other believers on here too. :) I'm sure this is one sure way to get that property too.

Thanks for your sharing and I'm reminded of the faithfulness of God and his love for us.. Looking forward to hear more sharing from you.. stanceu

Excellent work.

A big congratulations. You certainly deserve this!