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life sometimes deteriorate cold, boring and most of all lonely take part.However to my experience am a challeger in life mostly when it comes to relationship matters. In every relationship it is very important to understand about the intimacy in between.Couples who are married and those not yet are affected by the emotional connectedness just because of one or several ways of understanding.

However instead of being unhappy or staying in a relationship that doesn't work anymore it's good to be a challenger in life. This help things to work as well making one realize what he/she is supposed to do In a relationship. Is it well to be always silent? also are you comfortable with how relationship is? most couples have a alot of questions but being real is a challenge. My life has challenged me enough to be real even when things don't work. It's very funny how people tend to act well before others but the intimacy inside their hearts is killing them slowly. why? because life is all about challenges. Accepting things and moving forward is the best thing that I take personally. Refusing to be down there everyday just because you are trying something that can no longer work. Ohh well the consequences behind intimacy in relationship are there and most of us tend to ignore them just like that. To the couples they end up lacking healthy emotional intimacy which is very important in every relationship. But most couples as I can say never understand the problem or how they can
solve it and that's why divorce and abuse in marriage gets a chance. you find that love start sinking slowly and the couples desires to be together ends.

Generally this is just a problem of one person but it can be solved if the couples learn to be real. never try to be someone else because the intimacy will break down and you might end up suffering silent.

having experience on relationship and mostly in couples areas i know very well that many people are suffering accidentally. this tend to blows everything off and at the end no one understand what happen or even got any clue.the emotionally that's follows hurts and gets hard to explain because just few things are not met by their of them is when it comes to responsibilities and on financial obligation. also the fulfilling of their agenda is an issue to many couples and thus why I advice the couples or those already in relationship to be aware that when there is lack of emotional intimacy life becomes boring. that's when you find a person is in depression and develop low self esteem.

I learn that every couple must be careful in everything they do especially being a woman can be a challenge. also becoming a father is also a challenge to some guys and that's why they need to focus inorder to avoid moving into the wrong direction.doing this create barriers between the couples and later they realized that the relationship can'twork any longer. on the other hand putting down the pride can makes things work even when things seems to be not working. there are several keys in marriage and in every relationship that help it to work.

are you couples? put this in mind to save your relationship.

Understanding: always be there for your partner by making sure you understand him/her. remember no one is 100% but the remaining percent you can work on it .

Faith: it is very important to be strong in faith . This make it easier to be cool even when things seems to turn down.

Trust: one of the most important key in a relationship whether in business or in a marriage, without trust nothing can work.

Learning: learning what your partner need is a key to every relationship.Be patient to learn what he loves, what he like most, hobbies and more especially when he/she need your attention.

Simple me, being real me and most of all focusing on healthy relationship and life.

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