Gridcoin Mining: A weekly update

Hi everyone,

Last week, my mining project was running without interruption, and I'm happy to share with you the new numbers:

  • Magnitude: 14:41
  • Daily GRCs: 3.24
  • Wallet Balance: 229.54

My open orders on the BitShares marketplace where fulfilled, and today I transferred the 720 GRCs that I bought, to my wallet. This will bring my balance close to 950 GRCs, and I believe I can start setting my machines for solo mining (this was my objective for November).

This week, I also started to experiment with the theSkyNet POGS project, and I already started to see some good results.

Image source:

TheSkyNet POGS is a research project that uses distributed computing power to process images taken by the Pan-STARRS PS1 optical telescope, and calculate physical parameters of galaxies, such as: star formation rate, stellar mass of the galaxy, dust attenuation, or total dust mass of a galaxy.

This article is my "Day 13" entry to the #challenge30days challenge, initiated by @alexvan in his effort to help the development of the Steemit community, encouraging users to publish articles for 30 consecutive days.

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