May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Twenty Second: What Is, In Your Opinion, A Worthy Post On Steemit?

What Is, In Your Opinion, A Worthy Post On Steemit? A Post That "Deserves" Its Payout...

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 2.21.48 PM.png

A post that deserves its payout depends on if you met the demand of your audience. It does not matter if you took a week to prepare your post and how much value you put into it. If it's not valued by your AUDIENCE, then it will not receive a payout.

A worthy post is something that brings value to what your audience wants. For example, If you post a blog about crypto news and updates, you have to make sure your specific topic is something that is not repeated. Posting about how to make your first crypto trade will not attract a large audience in my opinion. This is due to Steem users being attracted to this site because of their knowledge of crypto. You can't even get paid on Steemit if you don't know the cryptocurrency transfer works!

My point is to make sure your topic caters to your audience at the right time. Make sure you bring as much value as possible in order to get your payout. Ask yourself, "Is this post something that would be beneficial to me If I were to learn something from it?"

To conclude, I believe judging a worthy post is a matter of opinion, but the best a writer can do is cater to the audience by studying what type of value would satisfy them.

Thank you @dragosroua for making this challenge as it keeps all of us Steem users engaged. I truly hope you have more challenges so we can keep growing as a community!

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