June 30 Days Writing Challenge - Life Hack - Day Eleven: My Monthly Budget Plan

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I don’t know about you guys but I love making a monthly budget plan. Well actually, I can’t call it as a monthly budget plan because I don’t do monthly as whole, instead I budget our expenses per cut-off. I budget every 5th, 15th, 20th and 30th day of the month because those are the days hubby and I receive our salaries.

I never expect that our salaries combine is still not enough for our monthly expenses. Sometimes we’re short on budget that’s why we adjust on our food. Well, I can sacrifice my food expenses to cater to our other needs. I feel like I am fat and too heavy anyway that’s why it’s not a problem. So, below is our monthly expenses for each month:

  • Allowance hubby - PHP 4,650.00 ($93)
  • Allowance mine - PHP 4,650.00 ($93)
  • Dinner - PHP 1,550.00($31)
  • Loan - PHP 1,768.00 ($35.36)
  • Electricity - PHP 3,000.00 ($60)
  • Eldest child’s expenses - PHP 1,500.00 ($30)
  • Youngest child’s expenses - PHP 1,500.00 ($30)
  • Dad’s medical expenses - PHP 2,000.00 ($40)
  • Grocery & Toiletries - PHP 2,000.00 ($40)
  • Baby sitter - PHP 1,000.00 ($20)
  • Miscellaneous - PHP 1,000 ($20)

Total: PHP 24,618.00 ($492.36)

For minimum wage earners, our income are not enough for our needs. Most workers now think that their income is lacking versus the expenses well I don’t blame them because everything nowadays are costly.

An option of looking for a side hustle (like Steemit) is great but one must remember to always stick to your budget so you won’t fall short.

Remember to always value the money and budget them wisely.

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