My Next 30 Days Writing Challenge Will Start October 15th - Care To Join?

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I did quite a lot of 30 days writing challenges so far, and I think a good number of them were on Steemit. 10 years ago, when I started to blog, things were very different and I really needed the motivation (not to mention that my English was absolutely horrific, so I had to step up my game really fast). So putting together 30 days writing challenges on various topics was a really good way to produce content consistently and to hone my blogging skills. In time, it really paid out.

Also, when I joined Steemit, 2 years ago, I decided to give it a consistent try, not just a "hit-n-run" article, so I started with a 30 days writing challenge. To this very day, I congratulate myself for that decision.

The Rules

I will post each day an article on a specific topic. The main tag will be #challenge30days.

The topic will be more or less random each day, but there should be a "journal-like" touch to it. I still ponder if it will be a journal style, or just random stories, but at least there will be some reference to the previous post each day.

If you want to join, you have to write each day. You also have to use the tag #challenge30days, otherwise you won't qualify for the prizes.

Of course there will be prizes, what would you think?

I will upvote each day 3 posts at full power (100%). There is no other reason for upvoted other than me liking that post, so I may end up upvoting an author multiple times, over multiple days.

Previous challenges were all very well received, for many reasons. It's not only the habit of writing each day, which gets strengthened, but also your social skills. You will probably meet people that you didn't even know they exist on Steemit.

If you know people that would like to participate in this, feel free to resteem, or otherwise let them know about it.

Why On October 15th?

Well, because starting October 15th I will be in Spain, where I'm planning to spend (at least) the next year.

The bigger plan is to eventually set base there for good, but experience taught me to start slow, without big words, and adjust as I go along. We already did a test in the spring, by spending 2 weeks in Valencia, and we both decided to move there in the autumn. And, there you go, it's autumn in this part of the world now.

I believe this challenge will ground me enough to keep me focused, while still not being a very time consuming thing to do.

In other words, just what the doctor ordered for "the accommodation depression" - which, if you wonder, it's a real thing.

Steem on!

Image source: Pixabay.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

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yup ready anaxiously waiting for topics

I hope you will enjoy your new home but at the same time I'm kind of sad that you left our coru.. I mean beautiful country


Thanks for the good wishes :)

Hope you are all setup by the 15th!!
Will try to join the challenge.


That would be great, but I'm actually landing on 15th. Looking forward to see your posts in the challenge :)

Funny thing that I was really thinking yesterday to ask you about the writing challenge but I thought...if he didn't said anything then...well. I liked the one in summer with life hacks a lot and planning to participate to this one also. Definitely resteemed and waiting for the theme of it.
Succes in noul inceput in Spania!


Multam si sa-ti fie de folos challenge-ul :)

I recommend everyone to do this challenge at least once! It really helps and creates the habit to write daily.
Thanks Dragos again for the help when I started!


Pleasure is all mine :) btw, do you know a person with whom I can talk at adsactly?

So give us an example or idea of topics. Like a daily journal? what I did today or am thinking kind of stuff? Not techie stuff, right? Don't want to make you reveal any topic ideas just trying to figure out if I could handle this


Really everything you can think of. I'm "rewarding" persistence, the ability to perform under stress and not necessarily knowledge of a certain topic.

Good luck with your new life in Spain!


Thank you!

Are you going to stay in Valencia?
Great city!


That's the plan. And yes, it's a very nice city.

A whole year in Spain?? No chance to re-try having some beer in Hungary then :(

On-topic: writinf every day is definitely a good success on your behalf, shows some level of dedication and self-discipline.

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I might retry Ultra Balaton next spring (it's in the second part of May, if I remember well), even if I'm based in Valencia, so there might be a chance to have a beer.

I will accept that challenge. I have a lot of ideas as to what I would like to write about. Is there a specific topic or is it a freewriting exercise. Can I do one story in 30 chapters? Is there a specific word count? Sorry for all the questions, I am kind of excited.


Can I do one story in 30 chapters?

By all means.

Is there a specific word count?

Not really, but a 10 words article won't qualify for sure. I will not count, but the starting point could be 300 words, which is the minimum to be indexed by Google anyway.

Good luck!


Thanks @dragosroua! I am in!

Great friend!
Motivation to write and also the possibility of winning an uptove of yours 100%, like not accepting the challenge, is great ... As much as your new chapter of life. Successes!

Enjoy your stay in Valencia and all the best.
I’ll try if I can enter the challenge. Been lazy and also busy all these days

Well,i think this not a bad idea....
I should be in😉

Sounds like a good plan. I'm in :)

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@dragosroua we love you everyday any day

I write down ... Definitely I need inspiration to write journal. Great idea, I congratulate you too.

Great idea indeed.
I really support it.
Keep it up.

Great idea indeed.
I really support it.
Keep it up.

So the stage is on for the next 30 days writing contest. I am eagerly waiting for 15th. Thank you.

Trust me as usual, am in already on this.
Am glad your challenge is coming in at a time when I needed a push to write.

I love this challenge for the good habbits of writing everyday and the socializing effect it creates. I'll be glad to spread the news and happy to take part in.