Chaos At Jane's-Musical Wash

Some days are disarranged. Others are just..chaos

I mean...It's a GREAT washer...

Gets the clothes sparkly clean. It even has a "Sanitize" cycle feature, 'cause, you
(personal note: I'd like a "Sterilize" cycle feature)

And no, it's not the special model that spontaneously combusts 🔥 either.
See Article from:

Désolé, mais non désolé, Samsung, but I had to back up my claim.

I did my research..knew I wanted a front loading model for once, because, by golly, those kids are gonna' start helping do this laundry!
...while I may not be a perfect mom, I'm not the type to risk having the boy fall into a top loader, while unloading the machine. So, I chose the perfect model.

I checked the cabinet measurements. Would the new machine fit? What about the water usage? Energy stats? Was there one on sale? Nearby? Can it be delivered? Check. ✔

All systems were go.

We were now the proud owners of a new clothes washing machine. Time to take it for a test spin. And spin it did!! 🌪 Watching the dizzying speed of the revolution was, to be honest, a little scary.

The boy was transfixed. He sat there, happily watching the whole cycle. Watching the water fill, then bubbles, as the drum starts to churn the laundry. Time for the rinse to commence. And the spinning!!! He was in heaven! And so was I--the timed cycle was 57 minutes of peace and quiet.

And then it happened:

Video source: Christina Mistretta

"What was that? That music? Where did that come from?"
The boy informs me it came from the new washer. 🎶

I know I recognize it from somewhere! Being the kind of gal I am, I have to hear it again. But, wait! It's an electronic machine. So, to hear the song again, one another load of laundry. Good thing there's plenty of it around. Always!

In goes a second load...

I chose the delicate cycle, because it's shorter, and those sweaters have been in the hamper for awhile now. So, the song shall replay in exactly 45 minutes. Fantastic!

Gives me just enough time to make dinner, before the washer stops. I wanna' be in the laundry room to hear it, when it does.

Let's see...what can I do quick, for dinner?

Blackened steel head trout with
red onion, cilantro, jalapeno and lime sour cream sauce
on soft corn tortillas

This will work...

Thaw and season the fish, sear it in a pan that's *hotter-than-your-next-door-neighbor-Tony*... whip up the sauce and cut the veggies.

Should take no time at all.
Blackened steel head trout soft tacos, with cilantro, jalapeno and lime sour cream sauce and red onion.jpg

And it was delicious!

But hurry, back to the laundry room...

Waiting for the song...

...and there it goes again! 🎹

Nowhere, but nowhere, in the specifications listed nor in my research was ever the mention of "this washer plays a little tune at the end". It's not bad, just..

A simple "ding" 🔔 would have sufficed, though. But there's something about this tune in particular. Being a family with tweens, there will be plenty of opportunities to hear the song. Over and over...and over again.

And there have been. Over the years, I've heard this tune, at least 4,000 times. That's a conservative estimate. It began to haunt me in my dreams. What on Earth is this melody...?

I consult the Samsung website...and...?

Nothing. 😢

I know... I know it....

Digging through the dusty stacks of my mind's musical library, I finally come upon it!


It's Trout Quintet, by Franz Schubert! The 4th movement!!

Source: Schubert Ensemble

Such a lovely piece of music! Don't you think? So airy... I've always liked this capriccio... However...

...something about these particular 30 seconds of the 4th movement bothers me. And I can't stop until I find out why.

Several years later, it suddenly occurs to me why this simple little tune at the end of the wash cycle is grating on my nerve:

I am asking you:

Are there any parents out there who remember a smug children's program called "The Little Einsteins"?

Image sourse:

These 4 toddler-styled brainiacs would go through a piece of music, some artwork, take some anthropomorphized object of the day, and we'd all learn our lesson, via repetition. I mean... a lot of it!

In this particular episode of Little Einsteins, Young Quincy will sing to us all about his silly sock, and tell us all how it "loves pizza, bananas and a little fish."

Source: cari19811

MMM...Fish! 🐠

Image source:

Between you and I, probably the strangest cobbling together of random items I could have thought of.

Now, here I am, some 3792 loads of laundry later... ...and every time I hear the song at the end of the daily load (or two, or three), I am reminded of a time when my children were practically babies 👶 👶, and we'd all hear over and over about Quincy's Sock.

All thanks to Franz Schubert's "Trout Quintet".
And Samsung.

Oh, and that amazing quick and easy dinner?



Blackened steel head trout with red onion, cilantro, jalapeno and lime sour cream sauce on soft corn tortillas.

Thank you for reading.

Please consider [upvoting] and [resteeming] if you enjoyed. I look forward to reading your comments below!
~Jane 👸


And to think my washing machine only beeps annoyingly for 7 times and never leaves any subconcious messages! I was riped off. :/

I genuinely laughed my ass off at this comment.

A nice post. Thanks to @globocop for tagging me in this. I like your determination to find where the song came from, nice food as well :)

Yeah @disarrangedJane! @birdistheword here is a foodie and musician, too. Defo worth a follow!

Thank you very much! I am pleased that you enjoyed reading it.

THAT is just about the funniest post I have read in ages.
Want a dryer from Samsung?

Is it always chaotically hilarious like this at Jane's?

Thanks for sharing! 🐸

-ch @globocop

Thank you for the upvote, @globocop!! Yeah, it's like this much of the time. Want stories? I got stories... Giggles

Bring'em on then... Good job!

-ch @globocop

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