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RE: May 30 Days Writing Challenge -If I Will Get 1000 STEEM Tomorrow, What Would I Do With It?

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Do not keep all eggs in the same basket is basically in online marketing ... but it also counts how many eggs you have. I always learn something from you, the idea of dividing a larger amount into several tranches(for the future, I hope!). I'm glad I learned about this challenge, I'll check if I can participate (depends on conditions ..)


I think you can participate, even with a late start. Of course, if you have only one egg you can't divide it. I try to split also my income into different baskets and live to the same income as I had 5 years ago. I think it was the best decision not to take in account the raises.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I will attend the topics where I have something to say. The way you manage your income is great, I am impressed!