Challenge 30 Days (Day 2): How To Get Good At Life

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Lots of people are afraid to accept the fact that life is a skill, the moment you fully understand and make time to practice it, you continue to get better. With significant amount of devotion, you can even attain mastery, the peak and beyond. Some people have attained this level. Below are three simple things you can practice to ensure good life.

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  1. Pay Close Attention to Life: one of the most easiest things is to let life act on you, to sleep on life. Some people have lost over 10 years this way and there is no way they can get it back! Try your possible best each day to write on a journal before you set out in the morning. Think about what goals you need to accomplish in the next 24 hours, or before sunset. Think about your most important values in life, reflect on lessons that you have learned previous day. It is of no use if you can't learn from your previous day mistake. Why people have all kinds of health challenges in life is because they have wavering focus, don't eat what you ate not suppose to eat, LIVE CONSCIOUSLY, Always!

  2. Actively Engage In Life: over the years as I grow old, I have learned something; the more you give to life, the more you get from it. Last year, I was discussing with my college friends about goal setting. Someone asked, why do we need to set goals when life is unpredictable? I said "just because life is so unpredictable is not an excuse not to do your best." Set goals for yourself, make rock solid plans. Take purpose driven action and chase hard on your dreams. That is the essence of personal responsibility. Upon putting in your best,- relax your mind. Let life take care of the rest. That's it, no regret.

I want to quickly add this "when you pretty much desire something, the probability of life conspiring on your behalf is ridiculously high!"

  1. Enjoy Your Life: some are too serious about life, but in reality, the billionaire will be buried next to his chef or driver. We will all end up as dust, guaranteed. Do lots of exercises to stay healthy and improve your mental awareness always. Participate is charity and community work that is in line with your goals, what's the essence of life if you cannot offer helping hands to others?

Love everyone without expecting them to love you back in return, say 'I love you' without fear of rejection. Be impeccable with all your words and be sure to create a good memory in the mind of other. Remember, no one care about what you do in life, rather, what they care about is how you made them feel. Make them feel special, we love to stay around those that make us feel comfortable and special. Your words are rare magic, use them well to serve humanity.

No matter of old we live here, each of us isn't even for long in the grand scheme of things.

Why so serious? Let us enjoy the ride to the fullest.

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