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What if I told you that you could strengthen your body and calm your mind in just 10 days... for free. Would you join me?

The Balanced Life creator and Certified Pilates instructor, Robin Long, has created a free 10-day challenge with the goal of strengthening your body (through daily Pilates workouts) and calming your mind (through daily assignments to improve your emotional well-being). The challenge begins this Monday and it's 100% free. No gimmicks.

Who's Robin Long?

Robin obtained her comprehensive Pilates certification through Body Arts and Science International and her barre certification through Balanced Body. She's passionate about creating programs that empower, strengthen, restore and rejuvenate her clients from the inside out.

I discovered Robin through a free Pilates challenge she did a couple of years ago and have been a follower of hers ever since. She has a positive, relaxed, effective, and well... balanced approach to fitness that includes lots of self-care and I am a huge advocate for that! You can learn more about Robin here.

What can I expect?

Once you sign up for this challenge, each morning from February 19-28th you’ll wake up to a new workout and mindfulness assignment in your email inbox. You do not have to have any Pilates experience to join this challenge. Robin will provide modifications, plus you can complete all of the workouts at home, in your own time, and no equipment is required. She also has a Facebook group that you'll be invited to when you join the challenge for some added accountability and support.

If you're not quite sure if you're ready for this kind of a challenge (or if Robin is the right instructor for you), check out her free Pilates for Beginners Series here.

The Mind Body Pilates Challenge begins Monday, February 19, 2018.

Mind Body Pilates Challenge Schedule

This challenge is designed to:

  • build strength
  • improve mindfulness
  • reduce stress
  • increase your energy
  • make it EASY for you to stay consistent with your workouts and self-care

Will 15 minutes of Pilates really work?

I'm glad you asked. In short, yes. But let me let you hear directly from Robin herself....

I've been teaching Pilates online for the past 6 years and have been BLOWN AWAY by the results my clients see from doing just 15 minutes of Pilates per day from the comfort of their own home.

Click Here to Sign Up for the Challenge!

On a personal note, this week has been quite stressful indeed. My laptop decided to break up with me suddenly... and on Valentines day, no less! I ended up in Best Buy buying a brand new laptop that was not exactly in budget instead of having a nice dinner with my boyfriend. So for me, this challenge could not have come at a better time!

What about you? Are you in? Let me know by leaving me a comment below. ❤
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