Day three: A part of your personality that you like

in #challenge4 months ago

This one is a bit easier for me because I am not AS critical of my personality as I am with my physical. Sometimes I feel like a failure, or socially-awkward, unintelligent introvert, but one thing I’ve always enjoyed about my personality is my sense of humor. I like making people laugh with witty remarks, jokes, and sarcasm. Yes; I settled for being the funny one just, so I could get some attention once in a while. Yes, yes, it is all very psychological and all that junk.

Regardless of its origin in my psyche, humor has always been important to me, and I try to find the humor in many of life’s tedious situations (which is probably why I am often attracted to people who also have a sense of humor and can engage in a bit of light sarcasm and poignant puns).

Sure, my humor can be a bit dark at times, and I often cross the line of “appropriate female behavior ” when making my jokes or witty remarks. There is usually someone around who appreciates that type of dark wit, however, and gets a good chuckle out of it (but of course, there are always those who stare blankly at you or make a disgusted face, but you can’t please everyone, after all).