Happiness is when you win a challenge

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Dear steemains!
Hope you all are well.

Today I'm sharing with you my happy day. Today I'm very happy. Oh! at first I share with you my steemit journey.
For the first time I know about steemit in some of my friends who join and work in this place. Then I join this place last month. But first time I don't understand how can i work this. Then I follow youtube and some of my friends help me.
And they told me about discord apps.

Then I join discordapp.com and I join steem schools discordapp (for your advantage I give this link: https://discord.gg/W4aCcqK )

Here I join and talk many problem in general-chat option and you will glad to know that here every person is very helpful and i'm very much happy to talk with them and I get solution instantly.
I join there steem schools live class and get many information which help me to create a quality post.

And here every week arrange contest challenge by @dobartim & @flysky sir.

Last week I participate a challenge which was, https://steemit.com/steemstars/@itsmechille/steem-stars-7-day-3-sbd-challenge-you-are-all-invited-at-steem-schools-day-3-registration-is-in-progress
It's sponsors by sir @flysky @dobartim @tatjanastan and madam @aidasfg7.
And hosted by @itsmechille.

Now I share with you my 7 days challenge photo bellow:








I was participate there as usual. But today they announced the result, and when I hear the result I really very surprised and happy because I win this contest challenge.
@flysky sir send my wallet 3.00 sbd.
I really thankful to sponsors by sir @flysky @dobartim @tatjanastan and madam @aidasfg7 to choose me for winner.
Thank you.


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Wow this is amazing @tahera

thank you @samuel9135


thank you @isran

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Wow! Your drawing is just amazing. So beautiful art! Keep it up and congrats. 😊

thank you @farzanaafroze

keep your dreams alive 😍
Best of luck dear

Congratulations @tahera. Keep it up. Continue your consistency and passion to reach your goals.

thank you @itsmechille for support and help.

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Congratulations @tahera ! That's awesome! 😊

Thank you @eye-am-a-mason