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I feel challenges are such an integral part of growth in life. For example a teacher will always pose higher and higher challenges to the students, why because the teacher wants the students to grow n his or her understanding of the subject mathematics for instance whats mathematics in primary school in secondary school in university is different why because the challenge level goes on increasing and higher the challenge and in a better way we are able to crack it . WE simply grow deeper in our understanding of the subject. ANYONE who's interested in physical fitness and has into exercising workouts the fitness coach the trainer will pose higher and higher challenges for the person who's working out why because only when higher challenges posed whether its picking weights whether its doing push-ups whether its doing pull-ups whatever the exercise may be only when higher and higher challenges are posed. THEN can body muscle growth then can there be shedding off of the extra fat and the calories that we have gathered on ourselves. EVEN in relationship that matter life poses so many challenges as time passes by and more to individuals who are in a relationship,married relationship,parental and friendly relationship. THE more we are willing to take up that challenge and deal with it effectively we grow deeper in our emotional bonding with each other. DEAR all Steemians there is no meaning to life without a challenge and the symptom of greatness is to accept that challenge in a very sportive spirit and learn how to grow deeper in whatever we are doing . THANK YOU

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sometimes i hate challenges,,but without challenges u cant get nothing,,,goodd blog,,@rockyhandsome

life without challenge is so boring,,rocking blog @rockyhandsome

That's a nice one.. Keep on the hustle. Have to reply

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