Win 5 SBD - New Month New Luck (english/german)

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Every month we will select randomly two followers and send them 5 SBD.
To have the chance to get 5 SBD, you need to do the following:

It's all very simple ;-)

The raffle always starts on the 1st of every month and goes up to the 7th day of the month.

Some will now ask themselves questions - why are you doing this?

Actually, we wanted to build a small tool that helps to read out information from a post for challenges and competitions. In the meantime there are many challenges, competitions and lotteries here on Steemit (for example the BeerSaturday from @detlev).

A few months ago I (@dehenne) built a small script for @detlev, which reads the basic stuff and gives him a little help. Due to a lack of time I could not implement further ideas, because I concentrate on @steempunknet.

But I thought I could put an employee on it and get it financed by Utopian. As luck would have it, @cuby has already started to build a general tool called SteemitEva.

What is SteemitEva

SteemitEva is developed by @cuby. The whole thing is open source, freely available and the repository can be found at:

A first version can be tested live under:

SteemitEva supports everyone in carrying out their challenges, lotteries or competitions. SteemitEva reads Stats from posts and presents them clearly arranged.

With this in mind - let's take the opportunity to use SteemitEva!

Good luck to you and thanks for reading
Hen, for PCSG Developers and STEEMPUNK-NET Team

german version


Neuer Monat neues Glück - Gewinne 5 SBD

Jeden Monat werden wir zufällig zwei Follower auswählen und Ihnen einfach so 5 SBD senden.
Um die Chance auf 5 SBD zu haben, musst du folgendes tun:

Soweit alles ganz einfach ;-)

Das Gewinnspiel startet immer am 1 jeden Monats und geht bis zum 7ten

Einige werden sich nun Fragen - Wieso macht ihr das?

Eigentlich wollten wir ein kleines Tool bauen, welches bei Challenges und Wettbewerben hilft, Informationen eines Posts auszulesen. Mittlerweile gibt es viele Challenges, Wettbewerbe und Lotterien hier auf Steemit (zum Beispiel den BeerSaturday von @detlev).

Vor einigen Monaten habe ich (@dehenne) für @detlev ein kleines Script gebaut, welches die grundlegenden Sachen ausliest und ihm ein wenig unter die Arme greift. Aus Zeitmangel konnte ich weitere Ideen nicht umsetzen, da ich mich auf @steempunknet konzentriere.

Ich dachte mir aber, ich könnte einen Mitarbeiter dran setzen und das über Utopian finanzieren lassen. Wie der Zufall so will, hat @cuby schon angefangen ein allgemeines Tool zu bauen namens SteemitEva.

Was ist SteemitEva

SteemitEva wird von @cuby entwickelt. Das ganze ist OpenSource, frei verwendbar und das Repository findet ihr unter:

Eine erste Version könnt ihr live testen unter:

SteemitEva unterstützt jeden, seine Challenges, Lotterien oder Wettbewerbe durchzuführen. SteemitEva liest Stats aus Posts aus und stellt diese übersichtlich da.

In diesem Sinne - Nutzen wir mal die Gelegenheit und nutzen SteemitEva :-)

Viel Glück an und danke fürs lesen
Hen, für PCSG Developers und STEEMPUNK-NET Team

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Super Sache freue mich aufjedenfall auf das EVA Tool wenn es fertig ist.

Daumen drücken dass alles so klappt, wie du dir das vorstellst. Ich behalte mit einfach mal vor, dass SteemitEva in der Beta ist. :D

Wird schon ;)

Wird schon ... :-) issn super Testfeld :D


Resteemed and follow. Have also upvote.

I was in a Herman school in Oslo å couple of years so i Actually can read write and speak german.

I have not used it in a while so i hope i can follow to german people to learn more.

Is the raffle today?

Looking foreward and crossing fingers :D

It ends 7.2. 😉... So you are in. If you want to learn a little bit more german then i recommend the D-A-CH discord Server. There are a lot of nice people. You can find it here:

Thanks ive been alot to CH. Great country :D

I absolutte want to practice and make my germane Shine again.

Just played Wolfenstein 2. They speak some german but not the good kind at all.... cool game though

Thanks @pcsg-dev
✔ Resteem this post
✔ Follow @pcsg-dev

Good Luck with @steempunknet

  • ...realizing the harder one works...
    ... the luckier one gets...

I'm not quite understanding SteemitEva

  • I read the readme on github and all it says is SteemitEva...
    • So, I downloaded it,
      extracted the zip,
      opened the index.html
      • It would not accept my account, so I had no chance to put in the url.
        I think I'm seeing some Ajax magic, so tried typing slowly.
        It accepts up to wiz and won't let me finish with ardave.

Does this have to be on an actual server?
or should it work from just a directory on my local Linux machine?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Hey :-)
A live Version can you find here:

@cuby is the developer. I only give him issues ... maybe you get the same error as me. some letters not working at the beginning in the account field. but copy and paste works.

Thanks @dehenne.

For that link, it would be 100-followers-wizardave-s-first-contest

thank you!!!

Wow i am impressed by your effort on an important tool for the growth and development of the steemit platform. I look forward to its success.

the praise goes to @cuby. he made this tool. we test the tool only in a live test :D

@cuby must be a very talented individual. I am very sure he will go places with his good works. All the same, i still appreciate you for sharing.

Way to much but thanks a lot 😄 I will do my best 👍

I want to participate, those sbd in my portfolio would help me to continue on the path of becoming a future whale: D

Sounds good . Just today i finished my Game Key Giveaway and the Next Giveaway i will try with SteemitEva .

Sounds odd, but I'll give it a try. Thank you!

What do you mean exactly?

Promising to give SBDs to random Steemians sounds odd (and slightly fishy), but I have almost nothing to lose, so I'll have a go: commented, followed and resteemed.

good argument. but this tool is meant to help with challenges, competitions ... and so on. what would be your idea for a competition? :-)

No suggestions of my own (I'm busy with my own projects). I'm happy to go along with your idea. Thanks. Maybe I'll be lucky?

I upvote resteemed and followed.

You're doing a wonderful job. keep up the good work.

followed and resteemed

Follow, upvote, resteem. This 3 things i did already😊

Hey @pcsg-dev, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

Cheers :-)

Done 😊

Followed and Resteemed. I am also confused with different ways to join with competitions and such. It will be nice if SteemitEva would be materialized and hopefully align confused minds:)


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Nice post

I like your post

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Done, this would help me grow a lot :D

Amazing post. Thank you for your kindness @pcsg-dev followed and resteemed post.

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Meubacut tan kupateh peu ka tuleh
Awai loen meubut meunan daripada kah
Jadi ka kutuho ho tujuan kah katuleh nyo mandum
Meunyo hana but kacok plaken ka ceulet bak prut mantong

Wow , that's interesting

i have upvoted, resteemed and followed. i hope to win that 5SBD because its going to be of great use to me. keep on the good work

Good one! And good luck with your endeavours, sounds like you guys really know your stuff. Viel Gluck!

Ließt sich ganz interessant. 👍

You've got our team services. [@steemsoul--@rayhanahmed--@shahanasayan--@raselhossain] Thanks for using our service.

Wooow that good
Nice post
You may like my funny posts @yesiruolaide

Sounds good. Thumbs up

könnt ne interesannte sache werden :)

Ok! Good Luck! :)

i want this :D

das wäre sehr gut für meinen Anfang.

already i do up vote but i cant do resteem because the option there isn´t