my challenges as a newbie in steemit and my determination take me to where i am.

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This how my story begins .
the first time i had about the prestigious site steemit was from a [email protected],a good colleagues of mine.i never thought of the challenge involves, i thought that when you just join you start making posts and start making are some of my challenges.

  1. i never knew i have to follow people so that they will follow me too
  2. i never knew i had to have followers too.
  3. i never know that i had to comment on peoples post (reasonable post)
  4. i never knew that i had to upload nice photo to backup my write up (some related to what you are writing about)
  5. i never how to appreciate people comments. (words like thanks)images.png
    But here is one word that kept in where i am today in steemit,DETERMINATION.
    Any time i remember the word determination i resists never to give up,because determination is the ability to strive for something no matter how difficult it may be to is among the most important trait a person can have,with determination come a strong will, optimism and a good set of priorities.thank for reading

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