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This is Wushu Challenge of @janicehung.. Wushu is martial arts of China. I'm try my best to accept this challenge, I'm so happy to try this challenge. Godbless and Goodluck for me.


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Good job!😀 Gentle reminder. Kindly check if all in the list below were done.

Don’t forget to post the link of your entry in the comment section of the Wushu Challenge post of Ms. @janicehung and RESTEEM her Wushu Challenge post to be qualified in this contest.

Mechanics of the WUSHU CHALLENGE:

  1. You must be my follower.
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing any of my wushu stances or forms.
  3. Pick two (2) kinds of Wushu Forms
  4. Make a collage of your wushu pose with my wushu picture.
  5. Resteem this post.
  6. Make a Post about it with your collage and put the title "WUSHU CHALLENGE" and use the following tag


  1. Don’t forget to post the link of your post in this post

Good posing!


Thank you :)