Bucket List Unlocked #1 | Blood Donation

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"Every blood donor is a hero."
Blood Donation is part of my bucket list, and I will be blogging more about unlocked bucket list in the future!

My first donation took place at Microchip Philippines, as an employee when I got this news and I know I'm capable of donating my blood for others, I said it to myself that I want to do this.

Blood Donation.png
Your donation actually brings benefits such as reduced risk of cancer, improves cardiovascular health and reduce obesity. Can you believe that?
You may feel a bit dizzy after donating but hearing these benefits? I won't stop now. :)

If you have that courage, my friend. Visit their page, click Red Cross.
Be a blood donor, be part of us.

Blood Donation (1).png
I felt stronger and carefree after involving such activity for others in need of help.

If you have already donated, see you after 6 months when we can again, save lives. :)
Blood Donation (2).png

This is an encouragement.
Save lives, steemians.
Share to me how it felt like or have you decided to blood donate now?
What do you think of this blog? :)

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