VALENTINE Card Shopping Guidance for Women written by a man

in #challenge3 years ago


Today I strolled into a local pharmacy to buy my wife a card because I felt they had a better selection than the other store. There were a few people there. One was a woman about my age who looked intent and engaged. I said excuse me as I made my way to where it said; Wife. 55 seconds later I was sold and on my way around to the register. I know I just got really lucky. It doesn’t always happen like this sometime it takes much longer like 7-8 minutes sometimes. Sometimes it is just not possible. Still as I saw the woman in the corner of my eye as I left it made me think. So I thought possibly, a little sharing of information and perspective between the sexes was perhaps valuable. Especially coming from the much maligned male.

So hear ye, what the first born of the seventh son has to say.

First, innately you know your life is in danger, people are dying while you shop. Thomas Edison is inventing the light bulb, have some perspective. Feel that subconscious drum beat in your head.

Scan the horizon. Look at the cards you are dealt, narrow your selection. You know good booty when you see it. (don’t be offended it’s just a muscle). Look for sign.

Enjoy yourself, it is an intellectual debate and you are going to win. Shove that pretentious card back in it’s place. Not niceties.

Let the card come to you. Let it serve you but know that sometimes you must
take what you can get and make do. 3 fair fish are better than no fish and are to be appreciated.

You make the card, Feel free to improve upon the situation, improvise. It is a joint effort the card and you. be content. Save your energy for the next endeavor.

Decisions are valuable, the decision to walk away and shop another day is also an option. There is a fate fulfilling and spiritual side to everything, You must do the right thing.

Well that’s about it I think, hopefully that woman is not still back there.