5 day challenge - Мatch YOURSELF with the best cartoon character and WIN $5 STEEM DOLLARS =35 USD!!!

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One of my friends told me that I look like this bat.
Later I decided to make a #challenge on Steemit for you guys.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 02.43.55.png

Do you think there is a match?


How to win $5 STEEM Dollars = 35 USD!!!

Follow this rules:

1. Resteem this post & Upvote

2. Tag @bloggerslife in your post & follow me

3. Use your own photo & make it funny

4. Post your link here in the comments

You have 5 days to complete this #challenge!

Ends on 25th January- Thursday.

I can email you code for buttons if you dont know how to do it!


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Это я

@bloggerslife I had to think long and hard about this one. Was a challenge indeed. Even took quizzes😂😂, but was still fun.


That's why its fun and interesting! I will bring tough

challenges to the Steemians World!


Please do, will be looking forward to it!😊👍


а откуда этот летучий мышь? :)


Понятия не имею :)))


Мультфильм Анастасия.
Принцесса Анастасия потерявшись в детстве при войне забыла свои корни и выросла в приюте который в скором времени покинула чтобы найти свою семью.
Встретив Дмитрия она вспоминает моменты из своей жизни. И в скором времени находит свою бабушку.


я увидела Распутина, но мышь не помню. слишком давно это было)

The answer is yes because you are both light in complection and the ears give it away

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 1.11% vote... I was summoned by @bloggerslife! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Well here is my entry :)


NICE ONE!!! Very good match :)

You got a 30.15% upvote from @nado.bot courtesy of @bloggerslife!

I have no idea what cartoon character I look like.


You should ask your friends! They will find you one :)) thats how i ended up with the bat.



It will work !?


work what?

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@bloggerslife nice one😋


Thank you)

You got a 36.36% upvote from @minnowvotes thanks to @bloggerslife!


СУпер! :) Мне приятно что люди участвуют!

Прикольно! Я попробую, вот только незнаю на кого я похожа, ребята может поможете?)))