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The children who know what is important in our life is an ideal mother. So today I want to share a story where mother and baby are discussed. So I think that you can read the story carefully and hope you can learn something.

What a wonderful creation of the Divine, the manifestation of the great glory. The more impressed I am.
How beautiful, how beautiful, how tender, what charm, what affection, what kind of compassion!
Kusum is so soft, more than its softness, its beauty.
Thirst is not enough to see.
His touch, his eyes, his walk, his walk; Feet, walk, tell him, his smile, emotion, his half ball,
Abundant, captivating
What is the creation without law?
I am fascinated, I am seduced, buried.
When the soft tender covers itself with the throat, the other hands on the breast, leaving the head on the chest with restlessness and falls asleep, then a wonderful shudder occurs inside the body, a flower of divine color.
I think all the precious gems of the world are buried in my chest today.
It does not cost, this property is invaluable. All the treasures of the universe are despised and without value. All the star of the heavens is on my chest today. Today all the decorations of the world in its shadow are unrivaled.
I will feel restless, feel the coldness of my feet and the body seems to accumulate. But the internal is full of absolute reception.
When I kissed her smooth, soft cheeks, I drank it, I had a nectar.
All defects are fulfilled today; All wishes have been eliminated, Nishabasan
The most beautiful, gentle and clean creatures of the "Mother"
The greatest means of child socialization is your family. Depending on what type of person will grow in the future, it depends on the child's socialization or the family label. The role of the mother in the baby's life is widespread.
Mother and baby ties Spiritual ties This Kalantara tie from the era of the Jugantara period. After the birth of a child, if someone knows or does not know, he can properly recognize his mother. Can you recognize or not? Another aspect of the mother is that her son (child). Another body inside the body, another mind inside the mind. "Mother" is the child most of the children. Not only the Rabindranath lines are not mentioned here,
'' '' '' Khoka calls his mother,
"Where am I from?
Where did you get me?
When I heard the mother cry
Bake your chest with a chest
"I wish you were in the middle of your heart."
It is true that the desire of the mother, as a real reflection of the aspiration of her son, appears. The most precious jewel of human life today is the lap of the mother. The angel is today in the lap of the mother. The love of the mother towards the child is unequaled, immense. Not only in childhood, the role of the mother in all human life is widespread.
I have seen many mothers, how old is a child, 3-4 years. My mother is walking on the road. Maybe get away from the mother and move alone alone. The diverse environment that surrounds him attracts him, follows the path of doubting enthusiasm. As he continued, he suddenly fell. Isha! Her soft little tender body did not receive the pain. He was crying aloud. From a distance, the mother approached and began to beat her.(Surprised), Aki!
Where the child has fallen,
Ish! The baby's feet have been a little tired and a small blood flow has appeared on the feet of the knee.
The dust of the dust will tremble, the grave will raise it in the chest. But rather, "I told you before, you do not have to go the other way, now Paley is fun, bitter, it's time to eat".
A girl is 7-8 years old. What a beautiful face. Seeing the mind becomes beautiful (lovely). The mother, the little sister and the woman went out to wander. What is it that the girl is killing her little sister? What are the Pithapithi brothers doing in childhood? To think of these small khannsu really small children, it is very pleasant to remember the memories of childhood.
Oma, like a drop of water, took a woman and shook her, then slapped her in the soft neck. The woman is the mother of the girl. The girl was crying and crying.
Oma, Eki!?, Aki !?
Do not explain: "My mother and mine do not do this, is not she your little sister?" You're great, or not your youngest grandmother, give it to her. "
It is not, instead of saying,
"I told you before, give me that, how do you feel now? Let's go home today.
This mother, yes, for you, I say: "The soft nanatim of the baby is not to hurt him, not to give a soft cheek to five finger points in the hard and hard hand". You can only kiss on the soft and smooth neck. "
Many mothers come to the nursery again. But in childhood, the mother needs more than the child in childhood. Many people give the child to the nanny. What kind of cruelty is this?
The mother is the best girl in the ovule. The hen always keeps her chicks in it, always keeps the hair on the wings. The chicks are good at the tortilla of the mother's body. What beautiful sesame seeds Mom and chicken always keep their chicks alive. He is constantly alert about coughs, chills, cats or any other creature that can not touch his chin.
Can the nanny give her the most precious love of her mother?
This type of mothers are deprived of the feeling of happy newborn touching the soft, smooth and smooth body. What can you feel about the spiritual relationship between mother and child?
How will they win? The first bowl of the child's mouth, the joy of listening, the first to stand on the child's seat, to reach the knees of his mother and move towards the mother.
You are deprived of this happiness.
The most horrible thing is that some of the so-called modern and fashion-conscious mothers do not drink the baby until they are maternal to maintain their figure. A terrible thing called feeder burns in the face of the child.
What brutality !!!!!!!
I tell these women, "children," not the result of their biological needs, but the most enchanting creatures in the world.
To all these mayors, do not make the children your biological desires.
If you are a wise person, a distinguished person, a great student, your great acquaintance is a "mother".
Mothers are full of maternal maturity.
Maternity in the interest of the birth of women
Not just mentioning a story,
We were talking about what we wanted to live together with friends, what we wanted to be. One of my friends, the famous engineering university of the country, will leave the engineer for several days, saying:
"I want to be an ideal mother."
"My teenager needed a lot, but my mother did not understand it."
I do not know why he said this. Maybe his mother did not survive. If your heart unconsciously hurts, then do not dare to ask.
My head was tilted with respect to her. She wants to be an ideal mother.

I am a doctor, I am an engineer, I am a pilot, I am an athlete, I am a model or an artist of fashion, but my greatest identity is a "mother". The identity of my identity is not lost in the identity of my identity.
Every woman or woman (whether upper or middle class, hard-working or housewife or giant) makes each woman an ideal "mother".
Just before saying this,
"I love what you feel for a child
You want to be a colorful childhood without ties

I do not know what you are learning by reading the whole story, thinking that after reading your story, a little more compassion for the children will increase. So do not let anyone hurt your child or use them well.

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