The way we do our education and awareness of children

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Today's children are coming in the future. Every child has the responsibilities of the next day. They will be the pioneers of nation and nation. So the poet Golam Mostafa said


'The baby's father is asleep in the heart of all the children

Among the children, future poets, artists, scientists, litterateurs, doctors etc. are different talents. But the conscious people of the present world have noticed that many segregated children are deprived of their rights. People are being neglected in anonymity. The poor and helpless children of this country are deprived of fundamental rights such as food, shelter, housing, education, medicine etc. We know that no nation can ever climb to the peak of education. Therefore, children who want to deprive these rights in order to become self-centered, have the right education and environment. We must keep a close watch on the lack of negligence, negligence, prevalent environments and education opportunities, and they should never drop.
Who is the child? All children under the age of 18, according to the declaration given in the United Nations Children's Convention International Accordingly, 45 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is child. The National Childhood Policy of Bangladesh is only for children under 14 years of age. In many cases, 11 years of age have been fixed for children. Many children of Bangladesh are under 16 years of age. Some of the laws in our country have been identified as children under 15 years of age, according to the panel code. There may be differences like age determination in child scheduling. But it is never above 18 years.

Who are the children who way


Most of our people live below the poverty line. They can not develop children deprived from the light of education. The lack of lack of their lives in the neighborhood. They are unable to provide proper food and other basic rights / opportunities to the children. These children were then involved in various activities in the life struggle. These include- Coolies, hawkers, rickshaw workers, flower dealers, garbage collectors, hotel workers, fabric workers, drug carriers, bidi workers, welding factories etc. Besides, they are engaged in the risky work.

The way children need education


Illiteracy is a social curse. To curb this curse, children need to be educated. Education is the backbone of the nation. No nation can be developed without education. The people of the spine are incomprehensible like inert. Education helps people to build a true human form. And the lack of education makes them inhuman. The way children need education is due to various reasons. By the influence of education, they can be truly human beings, free from superstition, injustice, inertia and degradation. Children can get involved in different developmental activities in the light of education. In the difficult and risky workshop, the factory owners worked for children in small money. Soon many children fall apart. If these children get education, then they are aware of good and bad, right and wrong. They will be able to keep themselves away from any risky work.
The way we should teach children: Education is the basic fundamental right of all. The way we teach our children is something we need to do. The way children come mainly from poor families. They are deprived of education and other facilities as they engage in labor planning. As a result, many of their needs remain unfulfilled. Its plagued by various social problems. There is no alternative to education and technical and vocational education in response to these problems of the country. This education can be used to make the children interested in the widespread expansion. At the age of the children who are going to school, they are engaged in hard work. Instead of brick stones, books should be handed over to them. All these children have to be given the opportunity of education. They will have different government facilities. Food programs will be accepted for free of cost and education.
The way the state's responsibility and responsibility for children is: There are so many children in our country who can not eat rice in the stomach. Some people have different people from the top floor of the society. Whose days are hard to cut. They can not feed properly. How will they learn? Therefore, the government has to come forward to educate these children. Parents of these children will have to take revenues in the upliftment of poverty. In developed countries, it is seen that all responsibilities of the child are born of the state. Similarly, if we take responsibility for the neglected children of our country, no more anarchy will arise in society.

Barriers to the implementation of street children's education

The way there are many problems in the way of implementing children's education programs properly. Some of the main issues highlighted are:
(1) They do not have the ability to send their children to school because of extreme poverty. They think that working in fields and other places rather than sending girls to school is disheartening.
(2) Illiteracy guardians lack awareness for the importance and requirements of education.
(3) The curriculum of traditional elementary education is not related to the future and the needs of future generation.
(4) The primary education system of our country does not yet attract children. Children do not get together with unadulterated education. As a result many children fall in the early education.
(5) Parents lose interest in sending their children to school because the educational institutions in the village are far away. And with all these children, they utilize utopian activities.
The way to make the children's education successful: The path of successful children's education programs is to be successful
The following methods can be adopted:
(1) People should understand the importance of education through mass media campaign.
(2) The poor people should be convinced that they will not be able to spend any money on the children because they are essential to send them to school.
(3) In order to manage the education of the distressed family children, there will be a wider expansion of the stipulation program in exchange for education.
These helpers will definitely have to make arrangements to reach the children's hands.
(4) Distribution of free clothing costume books and other educational materials will be ensured by the poor students.
Our awareness of the education of the children is that the nation does not pay attention to the child, that nation can never grow bigger. National prosperity is dependent on the development of the child. It is not just official activities in the education of street children but we must uncomment the awareness. The way children should be aware of the rights and responsibilities of the children. We must take care that we can develop ourselves as a dependent person by providing specialized education. Introducing the modern dynamics of the world, they will be able to develop their conscience and intellect. We have to create opportunities to practice education properly. In the society, wealthy poor will have to be made compulsory. The wealthy people of the society always try to hate children in the way. We must be aware of this. In this way, rich people can not torture children on the way. To promote equality in society. In the language of Kazi Nazrul Islam, we can say that
"Gahi Samyya Gun
There is nothing bigger than human, nothing great.
Children's education is essential to the development of humanity and the way to the nation's biggest interests. The importance of the education of children on the path to the establishment of child rights in World Children's Day has been told. The world's conscious people have become interested in the education of children. Nonetheless, for the sake of some selfish people and the way of poverty, great initiatives have been hampered repeatedly. They must be aware of their social, political, economic problems and they are not lost at a young age. Everyone should keep a close watch on food, clothing, and children living there without being burdened with the burden of the nation. It is the responsibility of all the people to take care of food, clothes, shelter, education and medical treatment by adopting suitable measures of children's paths.

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