Introducing ChainSquad GmbH - Blockchain Consultancy and Development made in Germany

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ChainSquad GmbH is proud to announce its full-time commitment, starting today, to educate, train, and, building services around blockchain technologies.

The blockchain technology is disrupting everything not just fintech.

The well-known CEO of ChainSquad GmbH (Fabian <@xeroc> Schuh) has extensive knowledge and development experience around the Graphene Blockchain toolkit, used to build BitShares, Steem, Peerplays, and more to come. We believe that we will become a major contributor to the growth and adoption of these blockchains.

This post serves as an introduction to our vision and a broad statement of our goals for the months ahead. You can look forward to deeper insight into all of these topics, and more, in the form of upcoming regular updates from this account.

About ChainSquad GmbH

ChainSquad GmbH is a German blockchain development company with the mission to facilitate the growth and adoption of the blockchain technologies in all industries not just in the financial sector.


The blockchain technology empowers the people across the globe to achieve common goals. The internet grew the information age, but blockchains will grow the globalization and cooperation.

Blockchain technologies have the ability to decentralize power from existing authorities in business, law, and technology to those that care about their platform. This shift will disrupt current business, economic and social paradigms. Those that care shall be those that benefit the most.

Current Projects

The projects listed below have been initiated by our CEO and will be further developed and maintained under the umbrella of ChainSquad GmbH.

The following list does not pretend to be complete:

Open Source Coding



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Your tools have been unbelievably helpful so far. Very happy to hear you're pushing forward!

Very cool, good luck!

Pretty cool. Here's to wishing you great success.

Excited to see great minds working together

Awesome seeing you in AM. Looking forward to the chainsquad!

Great! I've used python-steemlib for my steem flows research.

I may give a look to the python-steemlib in one or the other day, in the case I would continue generating personal stats :) I will definitely give you a feedback if relevant.

Cool. Awesome news. Good luck everyone involved!

Followed, Resteemed and Upvoted. Excellent post! Thanks!

0.1 Steem was sent to you.

Scotty, beam me up. This planet is finally on the right track!
Upvoted, resteemed, and followed!

May I ask what city you are based in? Or did you take a distributed approach ;)


We are based in Germany (close to Nuremberg).
Unfortunately, the law in Germany does not yet allow to setup a
"decentralized" company, there has to be a head quarter.

Awesome :D

Congrats @xeroc and I guess @cass. GmbH is a top choice for safety. Unfortunately 'Stammkapital' is a too large requirement for many people.
I wonder if Bitcoin based income is also tax free for GmbH after one year or is it just for private people?


If you see "Bitcoin based income" as capital gains, then they are not tax free. However, the tax for a company is smaller than for a private person.
Else, if you make an income by offering services, they are a taxable event right away and need to be taxed according to your Einkommenssteuersatz (regular person) or according to Gewerbesteuer/Gewinnbesteuerung (company)


Oh, I did not know. Thanks for clarification!

Good one .all the best

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