ChainCoin Revolution - The Pump & HODL Movement!

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Cryptocurrency trading has been a learning process for me. Over the last few weeks that I have gone “all-in” spending all my time in trying to read charts, reading books about trading, and even participating in pump and dump scams(which I horribly failed and lost over 50% in matter of seconds), I have learned a few things, that is to buy low and sell high.

Of course, the basic principle of trading involves demand and supply. So long as there’s more demand and less supply, price will rise. Likewise, price will drop when there’s too much supply and less demand. So, as a group of traders, our HighOnCoins slack group decided to do an experiment where we decided to pump a low-volume coin and instead of dumping when the price reached its high, we HODLed. (HODL = Hold On for your Dear Life)

As a collective group of traders who trusted each other to hold after buying, our low-volume coin went from one of the last coins on Cryptopia( to the #1 volume(as of today July 8th 2017). The price of this coin has shot up over 500% in just 3 days, an amazing result and this all happened while bitcoin was dipping slightly. In fact, 90% of altcoins were dropping while our coin was skyrocketing.

Our experiment worked! By relying on the simple idea of demand and supply, price of an altcoin can skyrocket. Now, most altcoins fail at doing this either because there’s no collective group HOLDling the coins or because a bunch of whales own the majority of coins and manipulate the prices.

At this point, we do not know how far this experiment can go but if you want to participate, we only ask you to buy the coin and HODL. Our goal is to HODL until the coin reaches $100 and at this rate, it doesn’t seem impossible. This could be the biggest HODL movement in cryptocurrency history and you could be a part of it.

Anyways, I want to thank all of you who have participated in our pump and HODL movement and let’s go where no man kind has gone, to the MOON!

The coin is called “Chaincoin”.


Max Lee

P.S. You can find me on YouTube under “HighOnCoins”.

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Great work you are doing Max. Kep it up and many thanks! :)

HODL long, and prosper

Good stuff Max! You should write more here! ^_^


are u still hodling ?


Unfortunately yes hahaha

Ladies and gentleman, bow to your Sensei Max, our anointed grandmaster!! Not only are you an AWESOME leader, you're entertaining AF! Lol! It's sooo much fun watching some of these whales who don't get it...come and get some of those Bruce Lee kicks, yep they'll be hurtin'....This is a school of discipline, gonna be some shaolin temple lessons learned when they mess with our dojo! Big ups to those holdin' da line! Let's show some of these quick cash whales whose in charge of this dojo....Sinsei @zedomax!! No one will defeat our kung fu!! HODLr for Life!!


Like many other people I kept thinking it would slow down.
But if you look at the charts, you'll see it doesn't, and it won't.
This community is so strong and this coin has so much potential.
Seriously guys, get in while you still can!

Thanks Max let's get this to $100 and change a bunch of peoples lives in the process

do it right guys..
anonymous-main-970-80-300x169 - Kopie.jpg

Spread the message. I am in it from the very start and it is a crazy rollercoaster from the start. Didn't sleep for 36 hours :).

Beautiful writeup!Thanks for sharing.

WE ARE LEGION! #homelesshodlsquad has changed the course of Cryptocurrency. More will see the Light. Advanced HODL Technology (A.H.T.) is showing and creating the Power of Community. Catch a FIYAH!!! #hodlgang. This is just the beginning....HODL.

What you guys doing is pretty crazy. Definitely revolutionary.

resteemed... pump and hodl ! CHC will go to the moon, when ppl get aware of the stableness during the cryptocurrency blood bath

I just set up 2 masternodes setup in aws.
So glad I got in just in time!

So how do i join :-)

This is incredible, what happens when it reaches $100


A large party!

I've been following the youtube videos and I've been tempted, but there seems to be quite a big amount of trust required that people won't massively sell off their coins. Even if a large part of the HODLers actually HODL, the temptation will become too much for others. Game Theory dictates that the HODLers might end up being bag holders...

Secondly, I wonder wether this has any longevity.. When it comes down to it, the coin has no value really. The only reason it has value and is going up is because HighonCoins is buying it all up, which is the point ofcourse. But once they stop buying it all up, where is the demand going to come from? Simply from bears who think the coin will go higher?

What's to keep this news, which is spreading like wildfire already, from creating more FUD with the plan as more people jump on and off for a quick buck?

Many questions... But very interesting concept nonetheless. It makes me wonder if this might be exactly what has happened to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Who's to say there aren't a few early Bitcoin pioneers who stocked up, and are doing precisely this but on a much larger scale? What's to keep major banks from delving into the cryptosphere and doing exactly that? It would only take a few billion to completely buy up a market. Sounds like a lot, but look at how much major companies are paying tech start ups when they buy them up.

Edit: Still upvoted, if only for the sheer entertainment value I have from following the whole ordeal! I might buy a small amount of chaincoin just yet to see where this adventure goes :)


My first thought after reading the article is that it's just as likely to be untrue and that the real experiment is to see if people will a) bank this guy up by repping what seems to be a genuine enough article (heart-warming confession in the opening paragraph, no?) and subsequently b) start selling up and basically gift some discounted coin to someone who just realised they f***** up by not grabbing it sooner...

That said, if it is true, apparently he/she/they foolishly (or cleverly?) chose a coin that is actually pretty decent and may well have a strong future, so I guess everybody wins...

FULL DISCLOSURE — I'm holding CHC, and I do have a couple of masternodes, but given that I've already made my buy-in back from selling some on the high here I'm not too worried about what the future holds... It won't get anywhere near $100 per coin on a 15m supply without some serious investor confidence—at least, not without the global market cap going up by 100x as well—so the proof will be in the pudding as they say!


If only for the entertainment value, it is already $25 well spent in my case :)
I am not heavily invested, but still very excited to see already almost 100% profit in less than a few hours.


Ok Max, I got in yesterday at $0.51 and later again at $1.40. Despite losing some due to the dumpers... screw them. I am now joining the movement, , just sold my 750 SC for more CHC. HODLing on for dear life! I am actively promoting this movement. I hope you're sincere. If you are, you will become an internet-hero for the ages. Ive been following this process for the past three days. Tried to join slack to actively contribute but the invite is no longer valid.

I made this for promotion.

GitHub Logo

I'm poor as hell, and have only 42 chaincoins because I had no more money. Anybody who wants to make a small donation, that would be greatly appreciated. I promise that I will safeguard the coins and HODL and never sell! I will be a dedicated HODler, keeping value up as a way of giving back. Ofcourse I am happy with an upvote or two as well.
CHC wallet adress: CYnJXktfhrAHx5fZS3EqKqSp5Um4cvsbCG


i need MOOORE CHAINCOINS.. I already have 2 masternodes running... giving good cash.. i dont even know where the money comes from.. but it all sounds legit somehow...


Absolutely agree with you. I have some CHC in my portfolio just in case. If CHC can do something the others can't, now're talking!

The MOON is the limit!
HODL everyone. You lose if and only if you sell.

No, thank you Max!! #LetsGo 🚀

Thanks for all of the advise you give! My husband is often watching your channel. Fans here. Although, I've only seen that cute dog of yours once but that's how I refer to you...the guy with the cute ass dog. Haha. Bring back the puppy!

This is certainly great Mid-Summer entertainment with a lazy market and days of( red )wine and roses... "What Loses, hadn't noticed I'm playing chaincoin" and yes I'm foregoing the boy band competition just to watch coin market cap for price updates!!!!

im still hodling my masternode..
YOU DONT ever get a masternode that cheap.. NEVER EVER.
think of it in 2 years when the price is at 100$...

think longterm!

Great Max! This movement is awesome.Im happy to be part of it. funny experiment

HODL MOVEMENT . WE ARE AT top 50 on coinmarket! hodl your masternode. chc in 1 year at 100$

price is stabilizing.. this is incredible...
the price is real! ....
steady growth my friends

Next one let me know day one!


still hodling my masternode.. hopefully in 3 months it will be worth 10k $

I’ve got 10 master nodes set up and running. However after changing the ports, 2 of my nodes have locked me out. One I tried to change the password and there must have been a mishap because no passwords are working to unlock it and the other node won’t load up with the old port or the new port. I can’t see how Ill be able to unlock access to either node. I guess my question is, can I shut down the server and just get those 1000 coins returned and re-establish the masternode? What happens to those coins if the server goes down?

What do you guys think of selling at peaks and rebuying on a stable up trendline ?..
if it gets overbought we sell.. and then we rebuy more chains at dipps..
that way we get more chaincoins in loyal hodlers and the price is not rising so extremely and will rise stable.. stable rising will bring other investors investing in chaincoin and we will smash dash in a year


max lee preach!

Max We about to take over

Pump & Hodl Song

Investing involves putting your money into an entity that actually produces something (a product, a service, profits, etc) instead of relying completely on other users buying-in and holding (purely supply/demand). You are just trying to create a pyramid scheme where some people take money from others (greedy). Reading your posts a month later is entertaining at least.

good thing i hodl my SPHTX because it was predicted to be one of the top 4 altcoins for 2020.