Chaincoin Revolution is a huge Scam!!

in chaincoin •  2 years ago

You probably heard Chaincoin revolution all over social media. Everyone is promoting this coin. You should buy this coin so you can earn mastercoin. One week ago it was worth 6 cent per coin. A few days later the coin reach all time peak worth 6.50 dollars per coin. Everyone make a lot of money on chaincoin in a just a couple days. However some people lost a lot of money since Chaincoin drop under 2 bucks a few days later?

Did anyone in here invest chaincoin?

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There's too much coin now coming out and most of them are so shining like so quick and bright and spread throughout the world like lightning and people are jump in and buying what they felt famous but normally that's a trap, better stick to the coins which are known for a while that's has performed very well in the market. I don't have yet but when its perform well probably I would Spicydavid2500 how about you ?


I do not invest any money on cryto currency. I am collecting free coin like faucet.

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