ChainCoin - "Could not allocate vin" error message and solution

in chaincoin •  7 months ago

If, when setting up a ChainCoin masternode, you see the "Could not allocate vin" message when attempting to start the masternode, do the following in your controller wallet...

  1. Enable coin control features.
    1. Go to Chaincoin-Qt > Preferences > Wallet tab
    2. Check "Enable coin control features"
  2. Click the Send tab in the wallet
  3. Click the "Inputs..." button
  4. Expand the masternode row by clicking the arrow/triangle on the left
  5. Right-click the row with the lock icon and 1000 CHC
  6. Select "unlock unspent" from the contextual menu
  7. Now start your masternode

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Thanks! This saved me from sanity! Finally works.

oh and you can also add
mnconflock=0 to my wallet chaincoin.conf

I think it prevent the lock, for future problem.

Saved me! Thanks.


Although the setting seems to reset after re opening the wallet.

Got the same error and will try out your advise tomorrow, thank you in advance!

You saved me too, thanks a lot