How Chain Clash happened (part I)

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In this multi-piece post we want to share some background story about Chain Clash so you can get a feeling for the origin of the avatars, clashes and the humans that will be part of the game.

Our story begins in the trenches of blockchain technology, the moment when Bitcoin was invented and launched. In retrospect, this moment was probably even more magical than it must have felt like for the involved people. But without further ado, enjoy the first part of the story:

January 3rd, 2009:
“Ah, it’s running. We are the first ones in a revolution of money”, S.N. says after spinning up his last node. “Even if people don’t realize it yet, this will change the world forever.”

Steemit-Story-Header (1).png

“This is gonna make the nerds rich and powerful”, a message on the IRC channel pops up.

Bitcoin has just launched its main net. From now on, users can send transactions to one another, buy pizza or stack up Bitcoin to become rich - which we will know in 2017, turns into reality only a few years later. This early however, only a few bold individuals pay attention to Satoshi’s invention at first, and it should take a lot of ups and downs until Bitcoin drips into consciousness for a larger group of people.

There is one neglected aspect of Bitcoin mining, though: Every hash computed on one of the miners creates a tiny amount of dark matter that fizzles into the space between blocks...slowly but steadily increasing friction between blocks while at the same time increasing the mass of the chain. Physical laws want it that with increasing mass, the blockchain and its blocks would create a gravitational field around them, dragging more and more matter towards it. Just like a supermassive stellar black hole.

So far, this effect is entirely neglectable, and it’s virtually impossible to measure the gain in mass on any single miner. Some people mining on laptops suffer from increased back-pain, but attribute that to crypto-winter (or -summer). This may be an important piece of our story, though, so let’s keep that in mind.

Fast forward to 2017:
The markets for Bitcoin have had a wild ride of ups and downs, a hype followed by a crash followed another hype, but here we are in 2017 - all eyes on “crypto”, Ethereum having its breakthrough and the adoption happily rising.

After years of computing trillions and quadrillions and gazillions of hashes, the increasing blockchain length and the dark matter in the seams between the blocks are reaching...

End of part I

If this first part peaked your interest and you want to read on - stay tuned, we'll be releasing the remaining parts throughout the following days and weeks. In the meantime, leave your comments here, head over to our Discord and keep clashin'!

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