Bad Bot/Account 27/06 - 27/07 | SteemIt Police Report

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Reporting account: @murda-ra
Following: 553
Posts: 82
Comments: 362
Replies from other users of Steem Platform: 186

BadBot/Flagged account list:

updated list

There is more coming. Please owners/admins of the platform inspect these accounts and REMOVE/BAN them!

We are facing with over 10% of the network being populated with BOTS! It's over 25000 ACCOUNTS!

If you are good with math do the math for this:

186 replies
8 bots


And this was just a random check, analysis and report. I'll dig deeper!

Upvote, RESTEEM (Mandatory) and follow!

Sincerely yours,

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I look forward to reading your update about those 8 bots!

This is somewhat related, I was searching for an appropriate chainbb forum, but after not finding one, I settled on creating my own post, that I titled: "What can be done about inappropriately flagged posts?"

There may be bots created with malicious intent to hide posts about specific subjects or by specific authors, and I wanted to ask if you know how to create a community-helper-bot to respond appropriately, by searching for flagged posts and allowing us to review the post to see if it was inappropriately flagged.

I haven't received any replies to this quest yet and thought to ask around in hopes of getting details on how to respond appropriately to flagged posts.



Hey, very glad to see someone actually active on this topic! For now im doing manually. Currently me, @mrstaf, @britcoins and few more people i cant mention for now are building tools that will help in this. For now im doing it manually until i get pattern for bots. Categories, time to react on new post (spam with reply), low rep, etc.

Anyome willing to help project or participate in cleanup of a steem is welcome! Can find me at Discord or here :)

In our developers eta we need about 3 more weeks to launch few new useful public tools for steem.

Will talk to owner at Minnows about this issue aswell later on this week.




@murda-ra doing it manually sounds very time intensive and tedious - maybe create a forum post with posts that should be reviewed to see if it was inappropriately flagged and requesting the forum to assist?
The more eyeballs and bots searching for inappropriately flagged content would help, don't you think?

thanks for for sharing what you are doing. 👍


Im doing collection of it because im trying to build algorithm for a bot that will look for these accounts automatically. Problem is that, after testing of 12 steem bot programs just found it between posts of steemit itself, there is to much to include, and making it automatized without hurting some REAL account with no wish for doing so, its not that easy.

I completely agree that some forum need to be more active on this topic. Actually i could ask @jesta to allow here on chainbb one topic that is sitting always on top of some part of forum, having a moderator who is updating post based on replies supplied by community on reports.
That seems as only valuable idea that can be in some way afterwards be completely part of itself, since its mainstream used to source the problem if we look little bit closer to it.

@ronmamita - Thanks for the great idea and chit chat, hopefully something can be done. Can be @jesta ?




@jesta I think having a sticky forum subject for this inappropriate flag would help the community!
Let's combine our efforts and post results for the entire community.
Thanks @murda-ra and all others who are helping in this effort.

@murda-ra, where would we report something we think may be a bot acct?


I wish there was private messaging on here. I understand the need for transparency, but don't want to look accusational.

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@kimmydee2 - For private messaging i suggest you use a discord. If you don't want to get involved with flagging certain accounts, drop me a url to post where you found disturbing/bot look-a-like, here in a comment, ill review and flag mother-fucker if its spamming, no worries.

I'll also do another Steem police report so you can update the list


@ hamzaoui


@murda-ra I separated that link so it won't show up.....