chainBB beta update - new forums + claiming rewards + post previews

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The last week has been a busy one, but I've been listening to feedback and have a few of the most requested features live on chainBB.

As always, the beta is available here:

Not sure what chainBB is? Here's a few posts to get you started:

New forums

Earlier in the week, if you're a chainBB user, you probably noticed the homepage fill up with a ton of new forums. I sifted through all of the suggestions for forums and created as many parent forums and sub-forums as I could fit, and I think it turned out pretty well.

There's a broad set of topics now listed on the homepage. More suggestions have been made since then, and I'm considering those and figuring out the best placement for them as well.

Keep the suggestions coming (as the sidebar suggests), I've been reading the posts and taking notes :)

New Menu Bar

A few days ago I updated the menu bar to start containing the information about the user who is logged in. The goal is for this tiny menu to be very functional on both Desktop and Mobile browsers, which is why it's so compact for the time being.

The menu bar has the following items:

  • The link, which brings you to the homepage no matter where you are.
  • The "gift" icon appears when you have pending rewards, and won't be there if you don't. More on this below.
  • Your user avatar, which if clicked on, drops down to a navigation for quick links regarding your account.
  • A checkmark to let you know you have connected to the blockchain.

Claiming Rewards

You can now claim your post and curation rewards directly through chainBB (with your posting key)!

Every minute or so chainBB will now scan your profile to determine if you have pending rewards. If it's found, the small "gift" icon (as shown above) will appear. If you hover over this gift, it will display the rewards you have available to claim, and gives you a nice big button to lay claim to them.

One click and done.

While I still don't have anywhere to display your account balances, being able to claim them as you're surfing the forums is a nice step forward.

Accessing your Account

Next to the rewards indicator, there's a display that shows your user avatar. Clicking on this will give you a link to view your profile as well as a button to sign out with.

These controls used to be over on the left hand column, which has now been removed, and will free up some space for a new navigation which I'm currently working on.

If you are not logged in, the space where your avatar would be is now the "Sign in" button, which works just like the previous iteration and pops up prompting you to get started.

Post Preview Mode

Previewing posts has been requested more than any other specific feature to date. Now there's a purple button on the area you create posts that you can click for a preview.

I choose to do this slightly differently than, and not show a live rendering of your post as you're working on it. The reasoning behind this is that I didn't quite know exactly where to put it, and honestly I'm not sure it's really needed. Clicking the preview button will open a popup window showing you the actual rendering of the post as it would appear on chainBB.

For example:

NOTE! To exit the preview mode, there's an "X" in the upper right, OR you can click any of the darkened area to exit, OR you can hit ESCAPE on your keyboard :)

New servers on the way!

I have spent the last 24 hours working on building a new server for the chainBB beta. I'm anticipating switching over to it within the next 24-48 hours.

If you've run into one of those yellow warning messages at the top stating "chainBB is out of sync", that's because we've seen a tremendous surge in steem activity lately, and the public servers Steemit Inc offers have been swamped. I've noticed this happen multiple times over the last week and it really causes some problems when posts don't show up for 10 minutes or so.

So to prevent this from happening again, I just leased a new dedicated server (~1TB SSD storage + 32cores + 96gb RAM) that will serve as the new chainBB API + steemd host. It's processing the blockchain as we speak and building all of the forum indexes, and once finished, I'll begin the migration.

There might be a bit of downtime during this migration as DNS switches over. I'll try to do this in the middle of the night (late night US time, super early EU time) to impact as few people as possible.

The best part about this is that the rewards chainBB has earned are funding this new server :)

More new features on the way

I've got a number of features I'm testing locally right now, a few of which I'm incredibly excited about. I've got a few other projects that need attention today, and I'll be taking the first few days off at the beginning of the next week, so expect another update in about a weeks time!

Thank you

A big thank you to all the users who are using the forums, providing feedback, and helping me track down bugs. An even bigger thank you to all of you that have been helping spread the word about the platform! chainBB over the last few days represent 1% of all posts happening on the Steem blockchain! That's an incredible milestone and we couldn't have done it without everyone chipping in and participating.

Update - server migration is complete for the APIs. The initial load still is slow (if it's your first time), but page loads should be lightning fast now.

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is there a food category on chainbb. I frequent that category on Steemit, but can't seem to find it here on the forum.


A food forum! That's a great idea.

Maybe like so:

- Food
  - Recipes (#recipe, #recipes, #cook, #cooking, ???)
  - Dining (#restaurants, #restaurant, #dining) 
  - ???

Any thoughts on what else category wise we could use to break it down?


These are now live - open to suggestions on what to add to it.


I love what you did! The recipes are so easy to find now. Exploring the category now.


I like the way you have separated the dining from the recipes. That looks perfect to me. I was going to suggest separating by type of food, but I think the way you have done it may allow me to see a post about new foods I might not really be familiar with. Really nice job on the forums.

This. Is. Fricking. Beautiful! thank you

I'm getting a little addicted to chainbb!

I really like the way the chainbb is organized. I can find the post that really interest me much easier than when I'm on Steemit.

Thank you @jesta for creating ChainBB. You are an outstanding Earth being.

Thanks for all your hard work. Better and better everyday.

pages are definitely loading faster. very nice :)

Would you help me understand the value of using ChainBB? After reading what you shared here and the posts you link to, it seems if I post on ChainBB, my posts are still going to Steemit where they are earning rewards and they have a greater opportunity for discussion because of the ability to remain at the top of ChainBB each time a new comment is posted and because of category sorting?


Sure, I'll give it a shot.

When you post to either chainBB or Steemit, they both submit the Steem blockchain, and are shared on both sites. The steem blockchain is what's generating the post rewards, independent of whatever site they are posted on.

Both chainBB and Steemit have different mechanisms for "surfacing" content (i.e. displaying it to readers). Steemit uses a model that is dependent on upvotes and weighted by the voters, then surfaces the content much like reddit would, where the most weighted/upvoted content gets displayed most prominently. chainBB on the other hand doesn't care how many votes a post gets, and the posts that are displayed at the top of each forum are the posts that have been active the most recently.

With those different mechanisms in place - they both help different kinds of content earn rewards in different ways. Steemit creates a "dog pile" effect, where once it's trending, everyone else jumps on, and helps those big posts earn bigger rewards. chainBB on the other hand keeps surfacing posts that are actually getting comments, which helps the posts with active participation earn rewards.

So while both of these sites are based upon the same set of data, one is focused on surfacing the best content (Steemit) and the other is focusing on surfacing the most active content, by category (chainBB).


thank you for the explanation!


@jerrybanfirld good post gonna start using it myself I think

I will definitely try chainBB.

If I may make a suggestion, when you post on chaibBB and it gets uploaded to steemit maybe it can have a chain symbol so people know that is where it was posted. If that is possible.

It is brilliant on the mobile. Just chillin and commenting. And it has better typeface than steemit.

but page loads should be lightning fast now.

Couldn't test chainBB until yesterday because I'm on extremely slow internet atm and the connection reliably timed out before anything was displayed. Now it's faster than sometimes. Love the UX, love the BB style. @jesta, you have again done incredible work, thank you! Looking forward to making my first post on chainBB.


The initial page load is pretty big and takes a couple seconds, but after that first load, it should be pretty quick.

I need to go through and make that initial load better!

Wow, impressive stuff! I love the layout and design and have been wanting a post preview button since I joined Steemit. I really like how organized the categories and layout is - makes it super easy to find relevant topics. Keep up the great work!


Yes, the layout is more streamlined and seems to have a better way of viewing things.

Any idea if Steemit plans on adding in "groups" or something similar? Like on reddit it is a subreddit, on forum websites it would be a subforum. The way Steemit works, when you search for something it is hard to actually get to that page.

Say you want to look at the beach tags. Typing in beach brings up a bunch of peoples posts, not the actual subsection of beach(or the actual tag "beach"). To get around that I figured out I can just type this or or

This is very annoying to have to do. The main groups on the right side of the page bring you directly to the tag/section. I hope they can fix that. When someone searches "beach" and there are a lot of posts tagged as the beach category it should take them to, not a search page with a bunch of posts that may or may not be tagged beach(because it searches for keywords in the title/post itself/tags.

End rant lol! :)


Yep! Steemit Inc is working on what they're calling "Communities", which are ways to allow open/closed post submission groups and moderation, as well as reward sharing mechanisms. They'll be how lets you build categories/groups like that.

I'm also planning on integrating these communities into chainBB. Right now, forums are a collection of posts based on tags and authors. This chainBB forum is configured to show posts with the first tag of #chainbb. But once communities can exist directly on the blockchain, chainBB will also be able to latch onto those collections of posts and build a forum around it.

It's going to be a good year for Steem.


@jesta has been great - very engaged and supportive - particularly at accepting and implementing suggestions. I've made a bunch of improvement suggestions and jesta had one of the bigger ones implemented later the same day. Keep it up! #chainBB is looking very promising - let's keep working to improve it! :)


When you update to the communities settings, will it reset all the content on the site since you are currently using tags?


I don't plan on getting rid of tag-based forums, I think they still have some merit.

If someone running a forum that was based on tags decided to swap it to a community based forum, yes, those posts wouldn't display anymore. I think you could just add past posts into the community at that point too.


Who are Steem's major competitors, ie block chain based social media?


Ok Will have to check this chainbb out for myself.

I write about silver. Here is my latest post:

Congrats on the new server, next milestone 10% of all posts on the steem blockchain.


Baby steps haha, maybe 2/3% first ;)

I'm not opposed to explosive growth, but I want to at least get the new server online first haha.

You are the man, @jesta !
I've had limited time to really read through longer posts like this, but your projects in particular tend to interest me greatly. I'm going to make a point to set aside your last few posts and read them closely.

Thanks for making chainbb! It's a very nice way to browse the blockchain and interact with new people, and I've been having tons of fun using it in the last days!

I'm really excited to learn about the features you are teasing about ;) I'm sure it will be great!


can't agree more, good job @jesta
gonna be cool as much effort you put into it
thumbs up :-)

You've been certainly busy with chainBB! These new updates look great. Congratulations on the increased popularity, always seems to be good and bad. Good because adoption is growing, bad because that usually means way more work in a shorter period of time. Keep up the great work

This great, thanks for sharing the updates @jesta. Appreciate your efforts!

Commenting from ChainBB (as usual!). You're the man, @jesta! ChainBB just keeps getting better. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for the platform!


So if the ChainBB is build on the Steem blockchain, does this drain its capicity?
Also, is there money/Steem/SP/SBD involved or something?


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by draining its capacity. ChainBB is built on the STEEM blockchain. Any website like steemit, ChainBB,, etc., is just a GUI that formats posts on the STEEM blockchain in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner. So yes, money/STEEM/SP/SBD is indeed involved. When you upvote a post on ChainBB, you are broadcasting an upvote of the post to the STEEM blockchain. This upvote can then be seen on steemit, ChainBB, steemd, etc.


Thanks for your quick response :-)

I don't seem to find te same posts on ChainBB as I can find here, why is that?


Any post on the STEEM blockchain can be viewed on ChainBB. @jesta just has the forums set up so not every post is displayed on the front page(s). To jump from steemit to ChainBB and vice versa, use this bookmarklet made by @lukestokes:

Whenever you are viewing any post on steemit or ChainBB, simply click on that in the bookmarks bar and you will have the same post on the other website.


well this was certainly an informative thread to read --- never knew there were more sites than Steemit 'built' on Steem's blockchain; my mind is literally blown. Thank you.


There more too:, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.

· is the same site as Steemit?


I don't know what you mean by draining it's capacity, so not sure how to answer. Maybe just explaining a bit will answer your questions though :)

chainBB performs the same actions for users on the Steem blockchain that does. It's like the difference between using the outlook vs gmail - they both do email, just differently, yet with the same protocol. Both steemit/chainBB both share the same blockchain, so every action on one is done on the other.

As for money involved - there is a 15% reward beneficiaries split with @chainbb when posting via the site. is 75% to the author and 25% to the curators, while chainBB is 60% to the author, 25% to the curators, and 15% to chainBB. These funds are going to be used to help pay for expenses in building chainBB.

Hope that helps!


Congrats Chainbb and thank you for developing such a good forum, I have been using it for commenting lately, your forum is user-friendly, more importantly, you did listen to feedback and make further improvements! great works !

Well done. Your commitment to advancing this is real and palpable. Internet 2.0, social media 2.0 etc. This (blockchain) is the disrupting force.

@jesta, I am very excited and excited to see the future that will happen to the platform!

@jesta - this looks fantastic and the maintenance fee is more than reasonable.

Similar to all the existing forum software/plugins - is there any way to embed a version of this in an existing website? I have several niche websites, adding a forum with steemit incentives would encourage people to spend more time on my website and learn about Steemit too. You could still charge the maintence fee (or perhaps even a slightly higher one for the additional hassle).


Not yet, simply because the project is only about 2 months old.

The goal is to support that hopefully this year. I have a ton of ideas on both free and paid offerings that would let you build forums around the existing communities you have. I'm still in the planning phases for a lot of this so the details are all a bit fuzzy.

Good job. I love people who are smart enough to be off making millions, but share, teach and improve for all...

I think it would be cool if we could make a Steembay so we can exchange or sell items within our community...

Maybe the spammers would stick to this area.



Thank you so much @Jesta

Finally joined ChainBB!

Looks so fantastic!

I loved forums back in those days. I love it now even more. :)

Lovely updates.

Thank you for updates , great chainbb team we have..mush respect

@jesta how do people get so many upvotes on their posts and comments?

Congrats on the new servers. Keep it up

Impressive stuff! I love post preview button and think that topics are really easy to find in chainbb. One topic that is missing is #spanish. Keep up the great work!

Great work and very interesting layout. I will be checking it out soon.
please upvote,reply,resteem and follow @victorvazco thank you, you're awesome!

I was wondering when reward claiming functionality was coming. Watching this become a completely separate entity from steemit is pretty cool. Great work @jesta.

thanks for the tools really we all apreciate and from thailand we say hello

You are amazing @jesta
Good information and is very helpful. Thank you.

Great work, as always :)

That's a beast of a server. How much does it cost?

Thumbs up for the preview. I missed it :)

Keep on pushing, you are doing excellent job. is looking good, I like that you added the preview before posting

This looks AWESOME!!!

It is getting better and better, all for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I made my first post in chainBB one hour ago! :) Wanted to try it out. Very nice work yo have done there @jesta, really like it.

Clicking the preview button will open a popup window showing you the actual rendering of the post as it would appear on chainBB.

Best solution, much better in this way. Btw I found the Preview button without help ;) Take a look if you have some time at my Pds at the end of the post, lol!
Looking forward to see more nice developments in cjainBB.

What about a Music forum? I don't think I saw one maybe I missed it. I curate music tracks daily and vinyl record releases etc... I like the idea of browsing through active conversations, makes a ton of sense.


I think that could fit somewhere, maybe under the entertainment section to start?

Any suggestions on which tags are commonly used first and would make a good music forum besides music?


I think Music should be its own, and maybe as everything grows, sub genres within. But I don't know, maybe were not there yet. For now, yes music under entertainment to start seems the best option, but I'm a total noob so keep that in mind haha.

Awesome! Thanks to you and crypto-octopus for your work in enhancing the steemit community.

Thanks for the updates jesta! :)

Upvoted! ChainBB sounds progressive

1st of all Congrats on the new server and really happy to see that ChainBB just keeps getting better.
Thank You So Much @jesta for sharing this amazing information.

New server!!! that's good. The journey as a whole is never complete if we stop appreciating the power of each step. By taking one step at a time we reach the destination. Congrats for the moving a few steps towards a significant progress. Cheers!!!!

amazing news its great to be in this program wow just watched this one its so cool thanks for the info

i think we have our account opened with innovative people thanks

Amazing Article man and really a huge amount you got with upvote :) i hope i will get like this soon. @jesta

Thanks for the good job on chainBB which is making great progress for us all.

Just made my first post on chainbb! Thanks!

Very very nice, great work.
I started this week on the forum ,and i kind of like it.
You will see me more often there for sure
( after i am finish working in home )

Can I fork steemit and build my own commercial site?


Yeah you could, would be a massive massive undertaking though.


Which one is harder ? Steem's C++ or pyhton or the integration?


Harder being a relative term to each person, personally I'd say Steem's C++. There's a lot of history in that code already and if you wanted to fork it to build some other application you'd have to do a lot of cleanup.


Is chainbb also open source?

Congratulations for this another achievement!

Some nice new features. I've had some trouble posting today, but must be due to the server issues you mentioned. Thanks for all the new features.

Yessir!! Thanks for putting all this work into chainbb, it gets better by the day

good post...I like this....

Might have to just check it out. Thanks for the info.

great information

Hey, bro, you made a great summary ! Thanks a lot.

congrats but i cant post images in there, it gives some sort of error

You work very well, i really like it

Incredible that the earnings are allowing you to acquire the hardware to make this service more robust!

Sweet! I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you've built!

Wow! Thaks a lot for the update buddy !

I like the forum style. Cool. Keep it up!

Seen the new forums and tried the Preview function already, great work! Will try the other new features later. Direct upload of pictures are still on my wishlist, hope you have it on your list too.
Thank you for your dedication which make our lives easier!


I'm not sure when image uploading will happen, there's a number of factors preventing me from really digging in and getting it built (time, cost, etc). But it is indeed on the list of features to happen someday in the future.

1st upvoted! Amazing improvements thanks a lot for such a wonderful job.
I love chainBB

Thank you for another great update and all the efforts you do to make the Steem blockchain better. In my mind I was 100% convinced I already supported you as a witness, to find out today (to my horror) that you are not. I fixed that straight away. Sorry about that.

Wow thanks for all the news and update. This post just explained chainbb crystal clear to me! Upvoted and resteemed!

just tried it out:)
Nice :)

Your platform is excellent, but can you explain the science of upvotes? I noticed that when I replied to some content in the general forum, I seemed to get 7 upvotes and 39 cents immediately, but in some others it was no different from me posting on steemit. At first I thought I understood how to implement the use of chainbb in my content flow but then as results seemed less consistent, I couldn't deny the benefit and advantage of using it but couldn't quite understand the process behind what I was doing differently or when, why, and how, it would get me desired results.


It's just dependent on who see's the post and decides to vote on it. There's nothing magical that chainBB does different than steemit, besides organizing the content differently. chainBB is designed to highlight active conversations and discussions, which will likely have a better chance at getting votes from the users reading.

I don't think there will ever be any consistency in the rewards you earn as someone posting, since it depends on the other users who read and vote :)


OK. lol. Thanks for clarifying.

so Is chain BB the same thing as Steemit, or different?

Awesomely amazing stuff!!! will make my life easy for sure!!! Thanks.

Good to hear the progress the platform has made! Guess we will make more ahead!

Looks interesting. Will tell my brother he is the one who really understands all of this :)

sounds great i'll definitely check it out

Good job and keep up the good work boys. This will be very useful for aspiring designers such as myself!

PLZ make servers for others, ie non-English native groups...

Fantastic bro.. would u mind adding a hobby/passion catagory? i guess loads of hobbyists are registering on steemit..

Thanks for creating your platform. It shapes my vision of what whales are doing and what sort of activity I must plan on having when I am a big player.

I can not sign in to chainBB with my Steemit username and posting key. Every time tell wrong wef key.


Make sure you use your private Posting Key, not the public one.


I will post my first post in Chainbb about Nanotechnology in biology section.

Congratulations @jesta!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 3 with 728 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 1 with $ 3452,45

Very good, explained this in a simple way that people will understand!

Very good work @jesta Wow. I really want to be a developer like you too. I still have a lot to learn. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Well said! I am surprised no one wants to up-vote your comment.... They are all going crazy about ICOs... do I join it.. I have to use same steemit credentials for chainbb too.


You use your steemit username + your posting WIF key, which can be found in the permissions tab on

There's a small link, right below the password field, on the chainBB login form that explains better how to find it.


Got it.. Will be there Soon.. Thank you

Very good update and really interesting post

Congrats on the success. I do like how the forums are a little more organized than steemit as a whole, which I guess is the nature of forums

Awesome a post preview button, no longer are the days I have to fix my posts after they have went live in an embarrassing fashion.

Seems ineresting :)

thanks i really love the chainbb and helps me to netvigate steemit better as a starter. I have posted my feedback on the feedback sub forum and hope it helps. thank you for the opportunity.

This is great! I didn't realize all the incentives in here. I feel like I found an easter egg in steemit!

hello @jesta, I am @ijoel. you very amazing. I am amazed at you. You have 2065 followers and many opinions. Hope you can help me.

Not sure why but when I made a post it didn't end up posting it. It kept loading with a loading bar "submitting to blockchain"


Strange, there may have been hiccups in the network during that time. The steem blockchain has been very busy the last couple weeks and encountering some growing pains.

Congrats for the New server. It is get better an better.

This gonna be very helpful. Thanks a lot for your never ending efforts!!!! @jesta