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Yes you have to be in Spain , to find this kind of surprising beer.

Yes , you right , a Marijuana beer... i found it in Barcelona.


Look pretty no ???
I'm pretty sure than everyone would like to know what taste this beer
You want the answer ???

Tell me with a comment and Upvote
And i would reveal to you this secret

Give me the Steem force , good fellas ;)



Ok let's go ;)
This beer is very good, and have a little back tast of Marijuana.
It's very subtle , a good illusion
Because of course, and unfortunately , no THC in , but 8 degres of alcohol, it's not too bad :p

Suddenly i am very thirsty! Luckily i live in a state here in the USA that is close to places that maybe have these within a 6 hour drive in Colorado. I think some of my friends and i need to make a trip :o)

you right , you just have some miles to do , for f%ck with real stuff :p
Cheers ;)

need to try this asap

Yeah @h4shtag420 you have to ;)
like i said , this beer have a little back tast of Marijuana.
But unfortunately , no THC in ;)
Follow me @geemo-from-paris for next adventure ;)
See ya ;)