the idea of a shared database for forums

in chainbb •  11 months ago

This idea of a shared database has been around for a while. Now, that blockchain technology is evolving very fast, this idea has become reality. The benefits are mind-blowing. For instance, compare an open network with a private network. Which one is to grow faster? A shared open database has many advantages. You can attract more users to your forum subject since users register only once and can visit different sites which are based on that shared database.

The content is stored on shared database on the blockchain. Here is an example which sites are using a shared database.


Chainbb is the first forum software which is build on an open, distributed, shared blockchain database. You will notice that chainbb is looking very rudimentary compared to todays most used forum software. But this fast assumption because chainbb does not hold all those neat features could be a mistake. The underlying blockchain technology, which most people do not realize at first hand will change everything.

In the 90s the UBB forum software was the first forum software I used my webserver and the progression since then is gigantic. But interacting with a shared database for content & user registrations is a fundamental change which will offer many advantages for small and big forum maintainers.

Forum software like phpBB, simplemachines, mybb... is getting a competitor which should not be underestimated.

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It makes me happy to see others "getting it".

The concept of a shared-database that none of the individual actors can deface/corrupt has absolutely incredible implications for how these types of systems can be built. Realistically over the coming years, this type of technology is going to come along and replace much of what we use today on the internet.

It's such an exciting time to be tinkering in this field!


Hah to add to how crazy this is... you're posting from busy, I'm reading and replying on chainBB, and 99% of the people who read this are going to be from steemit or esteem.

It's madness I tell you! :)


It is really amazing. People just don't realize how this will change how content is distributed.


Not just content, it will change the way we do everything. Good post I am onboard for more.
Regards @hatchi

I have wished for such an approach for years since I run forums since many years. Of course, right now it looks like a very basic forum and not really comparable to the top forum software applications. But this will completely change, the benefits of a shared database has enormous advantages.

Thanks for this brilliant work!