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I have been on the chainbb forums at off and on since it was introduced, but today is the first time I went to the site on my phone, and I must say I am enjoying the experience. I know there are other mobile options for steemit, but I do like how the forums look on my phone. A few low priority suggestions for the developers are below, although to be clear they are not urgent needs or anything:

  1. I cannot currently see the section for the feed or my replies like I can on the desktop version of the forums, although I have worked out how to directly link there for myself.
  2. Even though the forums are based on forum topics, I would like a way to see the newest posts, hot posts, and trending posts just like we can on It would also be nice to see posts in a specific keyword or tag, like bitcoin.
  3. This site, while it looks great, really needs a night, or dark theme, mode. I like a black background.
  4. Mark which posts are new or have new comments with a "NEW" like other forums, and allow us to mark all as read.

Thanks for reading.

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Two other things:

  1. I'd like to see a second page of my subscriptions on chainbb because it appears to be limited to the first 20 or so. I can't see the rest on chainbb. I have to go to another site to see them.

  2. I currently can't vote or comment here on chainbb, and have to go somewhere else to vote. It gives me the bandwidth limit error even if I vote at 100%, but I can vote just fine on steemit.

Posting this from because I can't post anything right now on chainbb without the bandwith error

One more quick item as well, I just found out I can't easily follow other users when I want to follow them on the mobile version.

great suggestions to allow for easier content discovery via chainbb