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91% of companies with more than 11 employees now use CRM software. 65% of businesses adopt CRM within their first five years. 22% of salespeople still don’t know what a CRM is, and 40% still use informal methods like spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data.

So What is CRM?

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(1) CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

(2) CRM software manages your company’s interaction with current or potential customers.

(3) CRM tracks data analysis about a customer’s history with your company for improved retention and sales growth.

(4) Businesses with CRM have the most accurate data on who to engage to increase sales.

Key Takeaways

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Software manages bussiness

nice post,very informative :)

Interesting man! I'm a Salesforce expert! Follow me. I've followed you! ;)

Thank you for interesting information. I agree, there are more and more companies and startups are using CRM solutions in their everyday life. And yes, if you want to achieve your goals, you can't afford to take random customer relationship management. So CRM is the best solution, I think. Recently, I've found interesting information about pros and cons of custom vs. ready-made CRM system https://joinsoft.com/blog/an-ultimate-comparison-of-custom-vs-off-the-shelf-crm-software-solutions/. May be it will be interesting for somebody else.

Thank you for sharing such an interesting article!
CRM is a really must-have software for businesses that operate with clients. Another type of software, I found, that every middle and large-sized business should apply is custom learning management systems for employees for sure and for clients if needed. Here is some more information on this to read https://symphony-solutions.com/insights/custom-lms-development-for-enterprise.
As education of employees helps always to boost teams' productivity and cuts costs in results too, it's a good investment for your business.

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