[Day 31] - Steady in ETH Mined Rate!! - Genesis Mining Cloud Mining Review

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Hi guys, I purchased 2-year ETH mining plan from Genesis mining .
Total MH/s purchase:34 MH/s + 0.75MH/s (Free)

I input the daily mined data to keep track on Genesis Mining performance
Here is the review:

Total mined: 0.59293873 ETH as 29-6-2017

Drop in Mined rate(per MH/s): 48.76% (since first received ETH as 30-5-2017)

Previous Mined rate: 0.00044133 ETH/MH/Day
Latest Mined rate: 0.00043554 ETH/MH/Day
Daily Drop in Mined rate: -1.33% ( From 28-6-2017 to 29-6-2017 )


Based on the projection of above data, the cost would be fully covered at 168.9 days ( ~5.63 months).
(assuming no further change to ETH price and daily mined rate)



Great statistics breakdown. Seems you are doing well in mining Eth. Might start up another contract myself as well as my other one ended a few months ago. Good luck!

Which coin do you mine now?


Is Zcash is good?!
I am hoping to find some digicoin with relatively steady difficulty..

It is quite good to me. But I have a 6x R7 370 mining rig running it at the moment. Coin gains are quite slow but I hope that the coin itself will increase in value. I strongly believe in the technology behind it. It focuses greatly on anonymity, even more so than several other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. But now that Silk Road and those kind of sites don't exist anymore there might be a lot less use for it in the upcoming period of time and this might decrease the value of the coin. Have fun out there and good luck with your future posts!

Keep it! Hope Eth will rise very soon!

might check out genisis mining, good read

thx for reading!

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