[Day 29] - 46.08% Drop in ETH Mined Rate!! - Genesis Mining Cloud Mining Review

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Hi guys, I purchased 2-year ETH mining plan from Genesis mining .
Total MH/s purchase:34 MH/s + 0.75MH/s (Free)

I input the daily mined data to keep track on Genesis Mining performance
Here is the review:

Total mined: 0.56246746 ETH as 27-6-2017

Drop in Mined rate(per MH/s): 46.08% (since first received ETH as 30-5-2017)

Previous Mined rate: 0.00046436 ETH/MH/Day
Latest Mined rate: 0.00042564 ETH/MH/Day
Daily Drop in Mined rate: -9.1% ( From 26-6-2017 to 27-6-2017 )


Based on the projection of above data, the cost would be fully covered at 184.8 days ( ~6.16 months).
(assuming no further change to ETH price and daily mined rate)


Good luck!

Thx @jwolf!

just a daily record for those ppl joined or planning to join cloud mining.
This is a sunk cost to me!

I told you so^^

I am crying already!


Your calculation should be simple ...

How much Eth could you have bought with the original investment at the price it was then?

Will you manage to mine that amount of Eth?

If the answer is no, then it is a bad investment and it would have been wiser just buying Eth instead.

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